Famous Hollywood stars, such as Barbra Streisand and Liz Taylor, loved Art Deco jewelry. Today's stars, like Scarlett Johansson of "Lost in Translation" and "Iron Man" fame, adore Art Deco rings as well. Scarlett Johansson has a beautiful Art Deco diamond ring which features a bezel set european cut diamond surrounded by single cut diamond accents completed with filigree engravings. Antique engagement rings are timeless and showcase glittering mine cut, and european cut, diamonds. They dazzle anyone who wears them. Vintage rings from the 1930's were produced by master jewelers who sat behind benches for weeks on end working on one of a kind pieces that simply can not be reproduced by today's computer simulations. Conflict free diamonds are illegally traded diamonds that were mined in Africa within the last 30-40 years. They are used to finance civil wars. Since all of our diamonds pre-date this time period, they are "conflict free." We never source any precious, or semi precious, gemstones, which may have been discovered while using underage children to dig up the earth's surface. Our gemstone engagement rings are ethical. It's a little known fact that when Hollywood stars start to wear something their adoring public won't be too far behind. Here are four vintage diamond rings and Art Deco dinner rings, like Scarlett's you will love!

Art Deco Diamond Rings

This Art Deco diamond ring features two navette cut diamonds weighing approximately .25 ct, surrounded by fourteen single cut diamond accents. This ring in crafted in platinum, and dates back to the 1930's. Our collection of engagement rings hail from eras including Edwardian and Victorian.

Art Deco Dinner Rings

Scarlette Johansson would love this breathtaking vintage engagement ring ! It features a glittering european cut diamond, flanked by two dazzling trapazoid and baguette diamond accents and 38 dazzling european cut diamond accents. These stones reside in a 1970's platinum setting. Art Deco diamond rings used stunning accent diamond shapes including shield cuts and bullet shape diamonds.

Art Deco Diamond Rings with Sapphires

Natural sapphire accents from Burma accentuate european cut diamonds in this exquisite platinum Art Deco diamond ring from the 1930's. Beautiful filigree engravings are also featured in this gemstone engagement ring , creating a breathtaking unique ring!

Art Deco Engagement Ring in Platinum

Liz Taylor loved diamonds, and she also enjoyed Art Deco engagement rings . This dazzling Art Deco ring features a bright white, bezel set old european cut diamond. It is flanked by mine cut diamonds and a one of a kind latticework embellishment, all within a 1930's platinum setting. Our collection of vintage antique engagement rings is always original and conflict free. We never source gemstones or semi precious gemstones!

Final Thoughts:

If you love latticework or filigree embellishments you will love Art Deco diamond rings ! Which deco ring is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!