By now you must know we adore vintage engagement rings . There is something I truly love about vintage rings and vintage diamond rings. What is it that truly draws me to these beautiful engagement rings? Here are 5 reasons why I love these unique treasures we call vintage engagement rings!

Beautiful Filigree Embellishment

Vintage engagement rings are truly one of a kind. There is nothing as beautiful as a vintage ring with the filigree embellishment of the Edwardian era, or the boldness of Art Deco engagement rings.

Every Vintage Ring Has a Story To Tell

Who owned that vintage diamond ring , and what era is it from? Is your ring a Victorian engagement ring , or is it from the Retro era? Vintage diamond rings have a story to tell and a can have a history of being hundreds of years old. You can start to make your own memories with your vintage treasure.

Master Artisans

Like paintings, vintage jewelry and antique engagement rings were produced by master artisans who sat behind benches producing their wonderful masterpieces from the Art Deco or Georgian eras.Diamonds known as rose cut, european cut and mine cuts were produced by master diamond cutters, producing beautiful diamonds with fire and sparkle.These are not produced today.

Unique Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are unique. Vintage rings simply can not be produced today, your engagement ring will be an original. Antique engagement rings have that beautiful milgrain and filigree embellishment that can not be reproduced today. The beauty of art deco diamond rings is that their bold and geometric craftsmanship are truly works of art.

Conflict Free

Couples today are concerned with the impact of mining the earth, and the use of underage children in today's modern conflicts. When purchasing a vintage ruby ring , you will be conflict free .Mining will pollute the environment, and estate jewelry will eliminate this waste within our environment and benefit us all.

Ethical and Green

Today no one can guarantee your diamond has not financed any new wars, or if children have been used in mining diamonds. Yet, when you wear a vintage engagement ring you are guaranteed that your antique diamond, and antique diamond ring , are ethical and conflict free . While we all benefit from the Kimberly process, we still can not be guaranteed that all diamonds are conflict free. Antique engagement rings are ethical and conflict free.

Final Thoughts:

We love vintage engagement rings ! Which vintage ring is your favorite? Please tell us on Facebook or Twitter!