It seems to me, that any time is a wonderful time for a list of affordable engagement rings . Engagement rings are one of the biggest purchases in a persons life, and one of life's biggest commitments. Now comes the easy part! At we own all of the antique engagement rings on our site. This means that our customers will receive the lowest price possible. Our collection of solitaire and filigree engagement rings are never computer simulated and are always ethical and conflict free. Once you decide on a budget, never go over that budget! Antique rings are not an investment. You found that perfect ring you want to give to that special someone. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry you want to give to someone to enjoy for the rest of their life. Times are changing, and so is our blog. That's why we give our readers fresh content with every blog! With that being said, here are five affordable rings you will love!

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are elegant and classic. This affordable engagement ring features a bright white european cut diamond, residing in a 14 kt Art Deco setting. This setting is completed with one of a kind filigree engravings.

Gemstone Engagement ring

If your significant other has a May birthday, then this emerald engagement ring will do the trick! This gemstone engagement ring features a .35 carat Columbian muzo square cut emerald, residing in a 1970's 14 kt white gold setting. We understand that our customers want ethical engagement rings, so we will never source new emeralds. We only offer emeralds residing in vintage engagement rings.

Victorian Engagement Rings

If you love antique engagement rings this Victorian ring is for you. It features three mine cut diamonds residing in a 14 kt rose gold ring from the late 1800's. Fun Fact: Queen Victoria loved the rose gold color!

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

If you love Aquamarine rings , then this vintage ring is a perfect choice. This sky blue ring is features a 1.25 cushion cut Aquamarine residing in a 1930s white gold setting, completed with filigree engravings.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are stunning. This vintage diamond ring features a glittering GIA diamond surrounded by 50 round cut diamond accents, all residing in a 1980's 14 Kt gold setting. Our collection of vintage rings is conflict free and always ethical.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Many of our customers want unique engagement rings . The September birthstone, the sapphire, is stunning as a center gemstone, or as an accent. This antique ring features a bright white european cut diamond, flanked by two heart shape sapphires, all residing in a 1930s filigree ring. Sapphires also come in many other beautiful colors, including yellow and pink!

Final Thoughts:

Our collection of affordable engagement rings feature beautiful rings from many different eras. Which is your favorite ring? Please tell us on Facebook or pin your favorite ring on Pinterest!