You love the classics, including antique engagement rings, but want something a little bit more unique, maybe even "alternative." You've come to the right place, because has wonderful "alternative" engagement rings for the unique, or alternative, bride today. There are so many choices, including beautiful gemstone and semiprecious gemstone rings, and vintage rings with antique diamond cuts, including French cut diamonds, European cut diamonds, mine cut diamonds and the beautiful rose cut. No matter what you desire, there are no rules! Enjoy our list of alternative rings for the one and only unique, alternative bride.

Antique Cocktail Rings

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but why not a beautiful antique diamond shape such as old European and mine cut diamonds!? These classic, beautiful, and less stated diamonds will make any unique engagement ring special.They are showcased in this antique dinner ring signed by "Jabel."

Antique Moonstone Engagement Rings

You want that different look, and love Art Deco engagement rings ? Why not enjoy a precious gemstone such as a sapphire, ruby or emerald? Sapphires come in many different colors, such as blue, pink and orange. Semi precious gemstones are spectacular. We have a special place in our hearts for moonstones, aquamarines, turquoise and opals. These gemstones paired with beautiful vintage diamond cuts, including rose cut, french cut, and single cut, you'll have a match that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Antique J.E Caldwell Wedding Ring

You're unique, and this will show when you wear a beautiful antique or vintage wedding ring. This antique wedding ring is signed "J.E. Caldwell," and features european cut diamonds set with stunning filigree embellishments, all residing in platinum. Our collection of antique engagement rings are conflict free!

Conflict Free Engagement Rings

Conflict free is so important, and that is why we never source any precious or semi precious gems. All of our antique diamonds are original to our collection of vintage engagement rings .This art deco aquamarine ring features four shield cut aquamarines, residing in a 1930's art deco setting with beautiful filigree embellishments.

Vintage Dinner Rings

Antique dinner rings and vintage cocktail rings are hot. You don't have to wear your ring on your left hand finger! Why not wear it on your right hand finger?  Cocktail rings with emeralds, rubies, and opals look beautiful and are simply stunning.

Choose Your Era

There are so many styles, from so many eras to choose from. You will have so much fun deciding what exactly your taste, and style, is. Retro engagement rings use beautiful precious gemstones. Art Deco rings are bold and stunning. Victorian engagement rings are less stated with the use of rose and yellow gold. Mid Century started to see a rise in diamonds as the center stone. When you choose your era, pick a beautiful vintage ring, or antique engagement ring, that will give you the look you will enjoy for a lifetime.


Final Thoughts:

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