What's as cool as a summer breeze? That's easy, Antique Engagement rings! With glamorous, center precious and semi precious gemstones, nothing says summer better than an Art Deco engagement ring. Art Deco rings with a dazzling, cool, sky blue aquamarine sparkling from every angle, or a conflict free Muzo Columbian emerald residing in an original 1930's Art Deco setting. Our collection of antique rings feature ethical tourmalines, opals and zircons. Stay cool in an Art Deco ring with a Burma Ruby or natural garnet. Have a glass of wine with friends with your vintage ring on, or look your best at the office with a beautiful antique ring. We welcome you to view 4 eye catching engagement rings that you will love!

Antique Sapphire Rings

Have a glass of wine your with best friend wearing this dazzling antique sapphire ring . It features a stunning, bezel set, .50 carat Burma sapphire, surrounded by 11 mine cut diamonds, all residing in a 1900's Victorian rose gold setting. Our collection of vintage engagement rings is never inspired, and never on consignment. We have only original antique rings.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

There's nothing that says summer better than a beautiful aquamarine engagement ring . This beauty features a natural 8.00 carat blue aquamarine, residing in stunning 1930's 14 kt white gold engagement ring. A classic look that will dazzle year round.

Amethyst Engagement Ring

One of our favorite semi precious gemstones is the glamorous amethyst! This gemstone engagement ring features a timeless 5.00 carat natural amethyst, surrounded by see petals, all residing in a 1930's two tone engagement ring. This ring is completed with beautiful floral petals and filigree engravings. A beautiful contrast of 14 kt yellow gold floral petals, with white gold filigree engravings, create a classic and one of a kind setting you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Tourmaline Engagement Rings

If you want a unique engagement ring , or non diamond engagement ring , we have the perfect ring for you! This Victorian engagement ring features a dazzling .75 carat, emerald cut, deep purple tourmaline. This gemstone is flanked by seed pearls, all residing in a late 1800's 14 kt rose gold setting completed with incredible filigree engravings.

Garnet Engagement Rings

Nothing is more appropriate for summer than beautiful natural garnets. This amazing Victorian engagement ring features 6 natural round cut garnets, complimented by 4 seed pearls, all residing in a timeless 14 kt rose gold setting, circa late 1800's. This classic ethical engagement ring is timeless and very hard to find.

Final Thoughts:

Summertime is a wonderful time to enjoy gemstone engagement rings. Which gemstone ring is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!