When I think of two of a kind, I think of many of the great stars from yesteryear including Burns and Allen, and Martin and Lewis. It also makes me think of another great two of a kind, antique engagement rings and antique wedding bands. I think these are a match made in heaven. Antique engagement rings are stunning, with beautiful filigree engravings showcasing antique diamonds or vintage gemstones which are conflict free and ethical. VintagediamondRing.com will never source any gemstones which will helps our environment. Paired with your vintage ring can be a beautiful vintage wedding band, in platinum, white gold or rose gold. These wedding bands also showcase mine cut diamonds, which were a favorite diamond accent, with milgrain engravings from decades ago. Antique wedding bands are the perfect complement for an Art Deco ring, or beautiful Victorian ring. Enjoy our selection of beautiful vintage engagement rings , and wedding bands, which we think are the perfect two of a kind!

Antique Engagement Ring

This lovely antique engagement ring features a .30 carat, bright white, antique european cut diamond. This gorgeous diamond resides in an 18 Kt white gold geometric square frame, designed in the 1930's, completed with filigree engravings! Help save the environment with antique engagement rings which come from eras including Edwardian and Art Deco!

Antique Wedding band

A perfect compliment for your antique diamond ring is this sweet vintage wedding band. This band features eleven vintage single cut diamonds, all residing in a 14 kt white gold setting completed with milgrain engravings. The perfect two of a kind. Express your true self with antique wedding bands and antique wedding rings!

Antique Sapphire Rings

This glorious antique sapphire ring features a .85 carat european cut diamond, flanked by ten natural Burma sapphires, and ten single cut diamond accents, all residing in a true Art Deco platinum engagement ring. Our collection of Art Deco rings is bold, glamorous and sophisticated. They are all completed with handcrafted filigree and milgrain engravings!

Vintage Sapphire Bands

The perfect complement for your sapphire engagement ring is this stunning vintage Tiffany wedding band. This unique band features 34 natural Burma sapphires, all residing in a platinum band, circa 1930's. Beautiful, and signed "Tiffany and Co."

Vintage Wedding Rings

This sweet Art Deco wedding band features 67 round cut diamond accents, all residing in a 1940's 14 kt white gold setting. This stunning vintage wedding ring can be worn with a beautiful vintage engagement ring , or it can be worn alone on your left or right hand. There are no rules!

Final Thoughts:

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