One of our favorite antique jewelry shows is the Baltimore Art and Antique show. The Baltimore show is smaller in size than the great Miami antique show, but has beautiful finds for the true antique lover. The Baltimore antique show offers so much for everyone, including beautiful vintage art, antique jewelry, antique furniture, glass, vintage posters, and so much more. After does our antique engagement ring shopping, we love spotting beautiful vintage posters and gorgeous antique silverware. There was so much to be found.

Antique Engagement Rings

It's no secret that antique engagement rings are the hottest part of the jewelry industry today, and it showed at the Baltimore show. There were not a lot of vintage engagement rings to be found. Whichever dealer had a pristine vintage ring, it was quickly snapped up! Dealers today are looking for antique engagement rings with old european cut diamonds, and precious and semi precious gemstones. Antique diamond rings with beautiful filigree embellishments, which are getting harder and harder to find, are also in demand. When demand increases, we see the prices continue to rise for antique and art deco engagement rings.

We love shopping for antique silver, antique furniture, and vintage posters. But after all the antique shopping the best thing to do in Baltimore is go down to the harbor and eat the delicious crabs and a great glass of wine! Till next time, when we report from the one and only Hong Kong jewelry show!