Antique Blue Zircon Ring

Blue is a favorite citrus color, and semi precious gemstone color.This beautiful antique engagement ring is fantastic. It features three natural blue zircons residing in a 14 Kt rose gold setting.Our selection of stunning semiprecious gemstones are estate, ethical and always conflict free.

Vintage Emerald Ring

Vintage is so popular, and vintage rings from the 1970's are hot. This beautiful vintage emerald ring features a Columbian emerald, weighing approximately .70 carat, and is flanked by two glittering round diamonds, all in a 1970's two tone setting. We have a wonderful collection of antique and vintage emerald rings from eras including Art Deco and Edwardian.

Antique Peridot Engagement Ring

Antique engagement rings are fabulous. We love green, and peridot is a great semi precious gemstone. This beautiful Victorian engagement ring features a center peridot, weighing approximately 1.00 carat, surrounded by antique rose cut diamond accents, all residing in a 14 Kt rose gold setting. Our collection of antique and vintage engagement rings are one of a kind and always classic.

Vintage Tourmaline Ring

Purple is a great citrus color. This vintage engagement ring features a beautiful purple tourmaline, weighing approximately 2.50 carat. This gemstone is surrounded by fourteen round diamond accents, all set in a 14 Kt yellow gold setting. Our classic vintage rings feature beautiful semi precious gemstones such as garnets, opals and turquoise. We will never source any precious or semiprecious gemstones.

Vintage Topaz Ring

We love vintage diamond rings, but we also have a special place in our hearts for this beautiful vintage topaz ring. It features a beautiful vivid blue topaz, weighing approximately 3.00 carat, surrounded by thirty eight round glittering diamond accents. Our estate semiprecious engagement rings are never sourced and 100% conflict free.


Final Thoughts:

We love the summer, and we love citrus colors. Which semi precious gemstone rings would go great with your summer bag? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!