Antique engagement rings are beautiful! They're gorgeous for many reasons, including beautiful center european cut diamonds and precious gemstones. Yet what would these beautiful vintage rings be with out milgrain embellishments ? Milgrain is the handmade beaded design used by master jewelers, which surrounds the diamond in antique and vintage rings. It gives an antique ring that unique look.Our antique engagement rings come from all different eras of history, such as Edwardian and Art Deco, which have beautiful migrain designs.Today's jewelers cannot replicate the milgrain artistry of yesterdays master artisans.Here are five amazing antique rings with milgrain designs that we adore. We think you will too!

Antique Engagement Ring with Milgrain Design

This beautiful antique engagement ring features a bright white european cut diamond, weighing .79 carat, accompanied by a GIA diamond report. This diamond is surrounded by eight european cut diamonds. The ring is completed with a beautiful platinum handmade milgrain design. Master jewelers sat behind benches for hours on end producing beautiful handcrafted vintage rings with one of a kind milgrain design.

Edwardian Engagement Ring with Milgrain Embellishments

Edwardian engagement rings are simply stunning and this antique diamond ring is no different! It features a .90 carat old european cut diamond, surrounded by forty four single cut diamond accents, all residing in a platinum 1930's setting with handmade milgrain embellishments . A stunning engagement ring! Our collection of antique engagement rings features beautiful european cut diamonds surrounded by detailed milgrain designs

Antique Cocktail Ring in Platinum

Antique cocktail rings are simply stunning and this antique dinner ring is truly beautiful It shows a center old european cut diamond, surrounded by handcrafted milgrain embellishments. Our collection of antique engagement rings feature handcrafted milgrain designs from eras such as Art Deco and Edwardian.

Art Deco Engagement Ring

This beautiful, original art deco engagement ring features a romantic bezel set european cut diamond, flanked by twenty two single cut diamond accents in a beautiful milgrain design. Art Deco engagement rings are original handcrafted vintage rings with beautiful milgrain detailing that cannot be reproduced today!

Antique Diamond Ring with Pearls

This stunning antique diamond ring features a bezel set old european cut diamond, flanked by two pearls and twenty five glittering european cut diamond accents.This vintage ring is completed with a stunning milgrain design.

Final Thoughts:

We love antique engagement rings with milgrain embellishments . Which antique ring is your favorite? Please tell us on Facebook or Twitter!