There's good news and bad news on the state of current diamond prices in the world. With most of the world in an economic recession, or very small growth, it seems like the price of round diamonds has halted. In some cases, it has declined. Diamonds, specifically in the the Far East, has declined. China's diamond buying, for GIA colorless, and flawless to VVS1-VVS2 clarities, has stopped. Therefore, the prices for these diamonds has declined. India's diamond buying has also declined for near colorless diamonds of I-J-K colors and VVS1-VVS2 to VS and VS2 clarities has also declined. Our friends from the middle east have also stopped buying larger fancy colors, yet fancy blues, fancy yellows and fancy pinks prices still are very strong. This is due to the decline in oil prices. With Europe in such a transition, buyers from Europe have also declined. Yet, even though the United States has achieved low growth, colorless and near colorless diamonds with SI2-I1 clarities, with GIA diamond reports , has actually risen. Demand is up for these specific diamonds.

Fancy Shape Diamond Prices

Fancy shape diamonds with GIA diamond reports have much better news. With princess cut diamonds leading the way, oval cut and many square shape diamonds such as asscher, emerald, and radiant cut diamonds are in demand. The prices for these diamonds have stayed strong. Pear shape and marquis diamonds have also seen a resurgence in popularity, and are still in demand.

Antique Cut Diamonds

Antique cut diamonds , including old european, mine, and rose cuts, and all antique shapes are in demand. Their prices have risen, and continue to rise.

Antique Engagement Rings

With the increasing demand for antique and vintage engagement rings , the prices are rising. With the supply decreasing, we will see a rise in the price of these beautiful antique engagement rings . Pristine vintage rings are very hard to find and in demand throughout the world.

Conflict Free

Jewelry companies, and antique jewelers, are finally realizing what the the jewelry buying public wants. That is conflict free, ethical, green and accountability. When you buy antique engagement rings , and vintage jewelry, your are guaranteed to be ethical , green and conflict free! While we commend the great Kimberly process, we cannot be 100 percent guaranteed that all new diamonds are ethical and conflict free . We are also so excited to see different industries going organic, including top laundry brands, solar energy, the wine industry, and cars running on electric and alternative fuels. Maybe Neil Young is right! We will be able to fuel our gas guzzling cars with something other than gas in our lifetime!


Final thoughts:

Antique engagement rings and Art Deco engagement rings are hot and will continue to be one of the fastest growing parts of the jewelry industry. Tell us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!