If you're a march baby then you're in luck, because your birthstone is the wonderful aquamarine! This beautiful semi precious blue gemstone is one of the hottest gemstones today. The Aquamarine is part of the Beryll family and know for it's blue hues. Customers love the beautiful shades of natural blue color including sky blue, light pastel blue, light blue and cool refreshing sea water blue. Aquamarines come in many different shapes including shield cut, square cut, navette cut, oval cut and lozenge cut. They come from incredible eras in history including Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, and the mid centuries 1950's, 1960's and the 1970's. The Aquamarines legend is one of strength and courage, and the lore is safe travel on the sea! Our collection of aquamarine engagement rings is always from estates which guarantees that they are ethical and conflict free. So let's wish happy birthday to the great semi precious gemstone! We welcome you to enjoy four stunning aquamarine engagement rings.

Art Deco Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine is a favorite gemstone of many customers throughout the world. This Art Deco engagement ring features a 4.00 carat, square cut, natural sky blue aquamarine. It resides in a 1920's 14 kt white gold setting completed with a beautiful filigree and heart embellishment. Classic and timeless!

Antique Aquamarine engagement Ring

This antique engagement ring features a natural sky blue bezel set 2.50 carat square cut aquamarine. It resides in a 1920's 18 kt white gold antique setting. Sea blue aquamarines are always coveted and very hard to find. Our collection of gemstone engagement rings is never sourced and is always ethical and conflict free.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

The aquamarine's legend is one of strength and courage. This stunning aquamarine ring features a 4.00 carat bezel set sky blue aquamarine surrounded by 26 seed pearls, all residing in a 14 kt Art Deco setting with beautiful rose gold floret embellishments. Many great Hollywood stars, including the great Lucille Ball and Kate Hudson, loved the allure of aquamarine rings !

Art Deco Twin Aquamarine Ring

Four is always better than one, and this aquamarine ring features four kite shape aquamarines weighing a total of 4.00 carat. It has a sweet center single cut diamond, all residing in a 14 kt white gold engagement ring. Fun Fact: Aquamarines lore is safe travels on the open sea!

Final Thoughts:

We would love to wish a very happy birthday in march to the aquamarine. Love our aquamarine gemstones? Please pin them on Pinterest!