One of our favorite combinations is the fabulous Art Deco era with our favorite metal platinum. For vintage and antique lovers throughout the world, this is a must have combination. We all know that Art Deco diamond rings are bold, and exhilarating, with designs including geometric and hexagonal frames embellished with hand crafted milgrain and filigree designs. All of these beautiful designs were done by master craftsmen. They created rings in platinum, which allowed jewelers to do work they couldn't produce in gold. This is because platinum is a softer metal than gold. Art Deco diamond rings, and Art Deco jewelry, can not be replicated today with computer simulations, molds, or models. We love art deco diamond diamond rings, and here are 4 antique rings you can treasure for a lifetime.

Art Deco Diamond Ring

This stunning Art Deco diamond ring features three dazzling european cut diamonds, residing within a one of a kind filigree embellished setting. This stunning Art Deco engagement ring has beautiful bold and geometric designs that are simply one of a kind!

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Three is always better than one. One of the finest jewelers in the Mid Century, and Art Deco era, was J.E Caldwell, and he understood that. Three dazzling european cut diamonds stand side by side in this one of a kind Art Deco engagement ring , completed with beautiful filigree embellishments. Art Deco trilogy rings are always ethical and conflict free.

Art Deco Cocktail Rings

This elegant, and classic, antique engagement ring features a .40 carat mine cut diamond surrounded by four mine cut diamonds. Each of these diamonds is surrounded by beautiful latticework embellishments. We have a wonderful selection of Vintage engagement rings , and antique cocktail rings, that are one of a kind.

Art Deco Diamond Rings with Emeralds

A must have for Art deco lovers everywhere! This Art Deco emerald diamond ring is nothing short of stunning. A dazzling 1.35 carat european cut diamond is featured, with twelve natural square cut emeralds, all completed with beautiful filigree embellishments.

Final thoughts:

Everyone loves a beautiful work of art, and Art Deco diamond rings are stunning. Whether it has a touch of color, or a european cut diamond, it's stunning. Which antique ring is your favorite?