The summer is flying by. One of our favorite summer colors is green, and the gorgeous precious gem, the Emerald, is green. Emeralds have been a wonderful choice for engagement rings for decades including eras such as Victorian, Art Deco, and the Mid Century. Today couples are opting for emeralds as the center gemstone in their art deco engagement ring, rather than a center diamond. Our collection of emeralds are ethical and always conflict free. Here are 5 fantastic art deco emerald rings you'll love!

Emerald Education:

Emeralds are part of the Beryl family, where the popular color is green. Emeralds will come from mines in Africa, yet the most sought after emeralds are from the Columbian Muzo mines. The emerald is known for curing illnesses, and it is a gem of riches and wealth. Emeralds are a soft gemstone with a 7.5 in mohs hardness scale. We always recommend to use a master jeweler that specializes in emeralds when, or if, you ever want to reset an emerald.

Art Deco Emerald Rings

Art deco emerald rings are rare. This beautiful antique emerald ring features a .40 cabachon Columbian Muzo emerald, flanked by 4 onyx shield cut accents, all residing in a 1920's art deco platinum and 18 Kt yellow gold setting. Our collection of rare art deco emerald rings is ethical and conflict free.

Vintage Emerald Rings

This stunning vintage emerald ring features a Columbian emerald, weighing .40 carat. This Emerald is surrounded by 12 single cut diamond accents, residing in a 1970's platinum setting. Our collection of vintage emerald rings come from many eras, including Victorian and the Fabulous Fifties

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Rings

This Art Deco emerald and diamond ring is stunning. It features a bright white .30 carat european cut diamond, flanked by six synthetic and natural emeralds, residing in a classic 1930's Art Deco setting. This ring is completed with beautiful filigree and milgrain embellishments. Art deco emerald rings are truly stunning, and you can treasure it for a lifetime.

Vintage Emerald Engagement Rings

Columbian emeralds are beautiful, and our vintage emerald rings are conflict free! This vintage emerald ring features a .70 Columbian square emerald, with (2) round cut diamond, residing in 1970's two tone 14 Kt gold setting. Our selection of vintage engagement rings feature art deco emerald and antique emerald rings that are ethical. You are being green!

Antique Emerald Ring

This stunning antique engagement ring features a glittering old european cut diamond, surrounded by twelve Columbian emeralds, all residing in a 1930's art deco setting. This setting is completed with beautiful filigree, and bold designs, that only the Art Deco era can show! This antique emerald ring features Muzo emeralds that have a vibrant green color which are truly rare and stunning!


Final Thoughts:

Art deco emerald rings are one of a kind and we love them! Which is your favorite antique emerald ring ? Please tell us on Facebook or Twitter!