It seems to me that one of the biggest fashion trends today is the pearl. The pearl celebrates its birthday every June, and is produced in pearl oysters. There are many types of pearls, including South Sea Pearls, Black Pearls, Freshwater pearls and Mabe pearls. The legend of the pearl is one of calmness and stability. Art Deco fans have loved pearls for decades and continue to do so. They love when a natural pearl stars in a beautiful platinum Art Deco engagement ring , as well as when pearls are used as accent gemstones in beautiful antique rings and gemstone engagement rings . Hollywood has been wearing gorgeous South Sea pearl necklaces for decades! We are so happy reading our favorite Bloglovin blogs, such as the one entitled "Take Aim and Atlantic -Pacific Blogs Touting the Wonderful Pearl Trend!" We love pearls and think this semi precious gemstone is classic and is here to stay! We welcome you to view five beautiful vintage rings with pearls!

Antique Aquamarine Ring with Pearls

Master jewelers understood how gorgeous pearls were. They used this stunning Aquamarine, and surrounded it with 26 accent seed pearls, and set them all in a 14 Kt white gold ring with rose gold florets. Our selection of aquamarines includes different shades of blue including sea blue and, our favorite, sky blue. Our collection of gemstone engagement rings is never sourced and is always are from the different eras in history, including the Art Deco and Victorian. Pearls are the perfect complement to this stunning vintage ring. Fun Fact: the Aquamarine's engagement legend is one of calmness and stability. It celebrates its birthday every March!

Art Deco Engagement Rings

This stunning Art Deco engagement ring features a glittering bezel set european cut diamond. This diamond is flanked by two stunning pearls, and 25 natural european cut diamond accents, all residing in a platinum Art Deco ring completed with a beautiful filigree and milgrain embellishment. Our selection of Art Deco rings, and Edwardian rings, feature bold, geometric designs with beautiful square frames completed with filigree engravings. Our collection of estate edwardian rings originate from the years 1880-1915.

Victorian Garnet and Pearl Ring

Garnet and pearls are a wonderful combination. This Victorian engagement ring features 5 seed pearls surrounded by 6 natural red garnets, all residing in a late 1800's 14 kt rose gold setting. Our collection of Victorian Art Deco engagement rings features metals such as rose gold and rosy yellow gold. Classic, simple, pearl engagement rings can be complemented with gemstones such as rose cut, european cut and mine cut diamonds.

Victorian Opal and Pearl Ring

Master jewelers always loved semiprecious gemstones. One of their favorite combinations was opals paired with pearls. This sweet rose gold engagement ring features 2 opals, and 4 seed pearls, residing in a rose gold setting from the late 1800's. This ring is completed with beautiful filigree engravings. Fun Fact: Rose gold is a combination of copper and gold and is a warm and inviting metal. If you're looking for a rose gold engagement ring with pearls the Victorian era is a wonderful era to start with.

Final Thoughts:

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