"Color my world" is exactly what's trending this upcoming year for Art Deco engagement rings. Our antique jewelry customers are telling us they want affordable vintage engagement rings with beautiful gemstone colors like green, orange, blue, and magenta. Gemstone engagement rings, with stunning colored gems as the focal point, feature ethical orange sapphires, green tourmalines or stunning cabachon moonstones. Vintage engagement ring consumers are unique, and want that stunning precious or semi precious gemstone like a garnet, opal, amethyst or zircon. If you desire a beautiful antique engagement ring with a different gemstone, you'll love these five Art Deco engagement rings .

Vintage Engagement Ring with Emeralds

Green is the color of the year for 2017, and let's start off the new year with this lovely vintage engagement ring . It features a natural .35 carat Muzo Columbian emerald residing in a 14 kt white gold setting. Our selection of emerald engagement rings, and precious gemstones, include rubies and sapphires. They are always ethical and conflict free! Please ask about our wonderful military engagement ring discount !

Art Deco Engagement Rings

You can color my world with beautiful aquamarine engagement rings anytime! This Art Deco engagement ring is simply elegant and classic. Two natural, sky blue, kite shape aquamarines weighing 4.00 carat reside side by side in a beautiful milgain embellished 1920's Art Deco setting. Fun fact: The rock group Chicago sang the gorgeous song "Color my World" in 1970!

Antique Engagement Ring

Moonstones and mine cut diamonds are wonderful paired together. This sweet antique engagement ring features a .50 carat natural cabachon moonstone. This stone is flanked by two antique mine cut diamonds, weighing .20 carat, all residing in a 14 Kt rose gold Victorian engagement ring , completed with milgrain engravings. Our collection of moonstones will never be sourced and are always ethical!

Ethical Engagement Ring

Zircons are becoming popular for their versatility and brilliance. This ethical engagement ring features a natural round magento zircon weighing approximately 2.00 carat. This zircon is flanked by two straight baguette and european cut diamond accents, all residing in an atypical 1930's platinum Art Deco engagement ring . Vintage engagement rings are bold and classic and feature metals including platinum gold and rose gold!

Semi Precious gemstone Engagement Rings

This lovely semi precious gemstone engagement ring features a deep red 1.25 carat natural garnet. It resides in a 1930's 14 kt yellow gold solitaire setting. Our collection of unique gemstone rings is never sourced. There is never a need to use the earths natural resources and under age children labor.

Final Thoughts:

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