Today there is a lot of talk about conflict free diamonds and ethical engagement rings . takes this very seriously, as we all should. Conflict free diamonds , or as some may call them "blood diamonds," are illegally traded diamonds that have been mined within the last 40-50 years. These diamonds help to finance wars in Africa, including Angola and Sierra Leone. only curates antique engagement rings , and estate engagement rings, which feature antique diamonds that predate this time period. Our jewelry is completely conflict free and ethical. We do not source any diamonds, or gemstones. Sourced gemstones may be used to finance civil wars, which also entails digging up our precious earth by using underage children to mine them. We applaud the Kimberley process trying to curb blood diamonds, yet in our opinion, there isn't any fool proof way to guarantee your diamonds and gemstones are ethical and conflict free. We want to help save lives, and the earth. One important way to do that is by purchasing vintage jewelry. We have been doing that for over 30 years.

Conflict Free Diamonds

At we believe the only way to guarantee a conflict free diamond is by curating beautiful vintage engagement rings from the past, including the Art Deco era. This stunning engagement ring features 3 glittering european cut diamonds flanked by vintage Burma gemstones, all residing in a platinum setting, circa 1930's. The only way to guarantee your antique engagement ring is ethical and conflict free is to buy an estate diamond ring. That is exactly what we do!

Conflict free engagement rings is so happy to offer our customers conflict free engagement rings . This stunner, from the Art Deco era, features a bright white original .50 carat diamond residing in an 18 kt white gold setting completed with filigree engravings. Our collection of environmentally conscious engagement rings feature metals such as platinum, white gold and rose gold.

Ethical Engagement Ring

We all want to save our earth. If you want an ethical engagement ring , our selection of conflict free vintage diamond rings is timeless. This ring features an original .35 carat european cut diamond, flanked by two baguette diamonds and sixteen single cut diamond accents, all residing in a 1930's platinum setting. will never never source a diamond or semiprecious gemstone.

Mine Cut Engagement Ring

This one of a kind mine cut engagement ring features an antique mine cut diamond , weighing approximately .45 carat. This diamond resides in a 1930s platinum setting completed with beautiful filigree engravings. Mine cut diamonds are the perfect choice for an antique ring that is conflict free and ethical. Fun Fact: Mine cut diamonds will have a small table, high crown and a large open culet.

European Cut Engagement Ring

Another perfect choice for a conflict free ring is a european cut engagement ring . This lovely vintage ring features a .65 carat european cut diamond residing in a 18 kt white gold geometric square frame, circa 1950's.

Final Thoughts:

Always remember, when you choose a vintage ring you are being ethical and conflict free!