As you may know, is an vintage engagement ring and antique jewelry website. One important factor facing our antique jewelry customers today is protecting, and saving, our earth. We take this very seriously, by only carrying ethical and conflict free jewelry. Our customers love antique engagement rings because of their beautiful filigree embellishments, but also because they are conflict free. They were produced before any of the terrible conflicts in Africa. Mr president, when people purchase vintage engagement rings that are conflict free, and there is no funding of wars, children will be able to stay in school and get an education instead of learning how to use a gun.

To Our Republican and Democratic Friends in Congress:

There seems to be a disagreement on global warming, and to what extent global warming is harming our earth. Our customers love Art Deco engagement rings. They understand that by purchasing Art Deco and vintage rings there is no digging for gold, or tearing up the beloved earth's surface. Therefore, there is no dirty gold being processed, which leads to cleaner environmental and water systems.

Mr. President, vintage engagement rings are always ethical when the center diamond is an antique diamond such as a Mine cut or European cut. When you purchase a estate ring you're being ethical and green!

To our friends in congress, our customers understand that precious gemstones (such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies), and beautiful semi precious gemstones used Victorian, Art Deco and Retro settings will never be sourced by antique dealers. This will save our beloved earth. There really is only one choice, to choose an antique engagement ring and save the earth for our children and grandchildren. Mr. president and congress; the country does not want conflict. We want to save the environment.

Final thoughts

If you want to save the earth, buy only Antique engagement rings and Art Deco jewelry. Let's be ethical and conflict free. Thank you Tom Friedman of the NY Times.