loves traveling the world, trying to find beautiful antique vintage jewelry for our website. Sometimes, during this journey of curating vintage jewelry, we find what (we like to call) "needles in a haystack." These are pieces of designer antique jewelry produced from some of the finest, most renowned, jewelers the world has ever known. These jewelers include Tiffany and Co, Cartier, J.E. Caldwell , Oscar Heyman , Van Cleef and Arpels, Bulgari, Harry Winston and more. Many of these famous jewelers started out, in the late 1800's and 1900's, as single business owners with a goal to make beautiful jewelry. They specialized in all aspects of the diamond and jewelry business. Designer jewelry consists of engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, all in metals such as platinum, white, yellow and rose gold. Every piece of designer jewelry has a signature, or hallmark, from the specific jeweler identifying the company. These maker's mark signatures, on engagement rings, are stamped on the shank. Some jewelers will just use a number as their makers mark. If you are not able to determine if your piece of jewelry is a designer piece, you can send your jewelry to your jewelry shop and they should be able to confirm the mark We love vintage jewelry! Please enjoy our collection of designer jewelry everyone loves and may someday own.

Tiffany and Co

The most coveted designer is the great Louis Tiffany of "Tiffany and Co.". Louis Tiffany started his shop in NYC during the mid 1800's and still is a power jeweler today, selling beautiful engagement rings, silver, and perfume. This stunning vintage engagement ring features a cushion cut diamond, set with knife edge prongs, surrounded by 74 pave set diamond accents in gleaming platinum. This ring is signed and stamped Tiffany and Co. Browse our selection of vintage Tiffany and Co. engagement rings from the Art Deco and Mid Centuries periods.

J.E. Caldwell

Another jeweler loves is the great J.E. Caldwell from Philadelphia PA. Caldwell started out in the early 1900's producing beautiful Art Deco engagement rings and jewelry. This stunning Art Deco engagement ring features 3 center european cut diamonds, residing in a platinum setting, along with 10 european cut diamonds. This ring is completed with beautiful Art Deco filigree engravings, and is signed and stamped "J.E Caldwell." Our specialty is discovering the finest selection of designer jewelers from eras including the 1920's and Retro.


Another jeweler we love is the great Cartier. Cartier started in the mid 1800's and continues to be a coveted jeweler today. He has produced beautiful engagement rings and jewelry throughout history. Who cannot forget the great panthere jewelry!? This beautiful Cartier wedding band features eight bezel set diamonds residing in an 18 kt white gold setting signed, "Cartier."

Oscar Heyman

Oscar Heyman was an important jeweler who started his shop in the early 1900's, and apprenticed with the great Faberge. This stunning Art Deco engagement ring features two european cut diamonds, and ten single cut diamonds, all residing in platinum. This ring is completed with beautiful filigree embellishments and it includes a stamped signature. Our passion is finding classic vintage rings for our one of a kind collection. This includes designers such as Seaman Schepps and Raymond Yard.


Many designers have come into their own in the last 10 years, and one of those designers includes Tacori. This Tacori engagement ring features a .91 carat princess cut diamond, with 30 round diamond accents, all residing in a 1990's 18 Kt engagement ring signed "Tacori."

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