With so many of us thoroughly engrossed in the melodrama supplied by Downton Abbey’s diverse storylines, it is easy to forget that one of the chief successes of this great show has been its portrayal of style – and the many fashions of its era.


We ourselves got stuck on the impressive jewelry displayed by many characters, and decided to come up with a selection of engagement rings worthy of our three favorite ladies in Downton: Rose MacClare, Violet Crawley and, of course, the tragic Sybil Branson. Jewelry in the late 1910’s and early 1920’s tended towards the artistic movement we know as Art Deco, and produced very bold, modernist geometric designs guaranteed to make an impression.


These were often richly ornamented, and saw high jewelry endowed for the first time with such precious stones as Kashmir sapphires, Burma rubies and Colombian Muzo emeralds. These factors combined to make period pieces instantly recognizable and particularly prized.


 Rose MacClareRose

The young and impetuous Lady Rose MacClare would have easily gone for the most fashion forward items of jewelry, and we think this striking navette diamond and sapphire ring suits her personality in more than just a superficial way.


ArtDecoSapphireDiamondRingBeautiful and bold, this piece surrounds its central marquise cut with a combination of 10 natural, calibre cut cornflower blue sapphires and an incredible further 32 old European cut diamonds! It was handcrafted in the 1920’s, and definitely saw many a jazz club like Rose's Blue Dragon.





Violet Crawley


To match the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s imposing style and considerable wit, we are tempted to go for a ring that deals both in classic fashion and peculiarity.


ArtDecoDiamondRingThus, the piece we chose presents us with a fantastic asymmetric design, all the while retaining a certain queenly stature usually associated with Victorian jewelry. The center old European cut diamond is here flanked by a further 8 stones of similar cut, the whole crafted in platinum. Made in the early 1900’s, this piece is easily as unique and treasurable as Violet Crawley herself.


Sybil Branson


The more natural and down to earth Sybil would have surely advocated for a lesser use of jewelry than Violet or Rose, her style usually showing off more simplicity (though it is none the less charming!).


ArtDecoDiamondEngagementRingAs such, the ring we found her sparkles as much from its gemstones as it does from its careful and intricate filigree designs. Crafted in the early Art Deco period, it boasts a central old European cut diamond surrounded by a further 4 single cuts - fitting in perfectly with the strong and compassionate nature of Lady Sybil.