They say that antique engagement rings, and diamonds, are a girls best friend. However, we think they are also a guys best friend! Couples today who have found the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, are enjoying Art Deco engagement rings. They understand that Art Deco, and vintage, rings are always ethical. The center old european cut and mine cut diamonds are conflict free. Our selection of precious and semi precious gemstone engagement rings are from estates throughout the world. We never source any gemstones. With the legality of gay marriage throughout the United States, offers a vast selection of antique rings that couples can pair with classic Art Deco wedding bands and wedding rings. These classic Art Deco rings are perfect for our LGBTQ customers that want to match. Or, you can choose to show your individuality with engagement rings from the Edwardian, Art Deco or Retro eras. Showing your individuality is one of the greatest freedoms we enjoy. Please enjoy viewing these 8 engagement rings you will love.

Unique Engagement Rings

Celebrate true love with your partner with this stunning Art Deco engagement ring. It features a conflict free .65 carat old european cut diamond, residing in a 1920's 14 kt white gold setting, completed with beautiful geometric engravings. Estate engagement rings show true individuality and can help save the earth by not using underage children to dig up the earth and rivers for dirty gold. Fun fact: Antique mine cut diamonds are conflict free!

Bezel Set Engagement Ring

This wonderful antique solitaire engagement ring features a bezel set mine cut diamond residing in a striking two tone rose gold setting, circa 1920's. Together you can choose your favorite gemstone in any metal you prefer including platinum and the ever popular rose gold.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Pairs:

If you love antique, yet your partner loves modern, we have the perfect pair with a .74 carat antique cushion cut engagement rings and a .71 carat modern cushion cut engagement ring. Both of these vintage diamonds reside in a 14 kt white gold setting, accompanied by GIA diamond reports. Our collection of ethical engagement rings is always conflict free, and we never source any diamonds.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Many couples today are opting for something totally different to show their commitment to each other. This spectacular sapphire engagement ring features three european cut diamonds, and six natural square cut Burma sapphires, all residing in a platinum Art Deco setting, circa 1930's. Our collection of gemstone engagement rings includes rubies, emeralds, aquamarines and garnets.

Retro Aquamarine Engagement Ring

You've met your true partner and want to show your style. Nothing will show your style and elegance better than with a beautiful Retro engagement ring from the 1940's. This Retro ring features a 1.75 carat natural cool blue aquamarine, residing in an 18 kt rosy yellow gold square geometric setting, flanked by 14 single cut diamonds. Classic and stunning.

Alternative Engagement Rings

Beautiful and unique gemstone rings can show your true style with beautiful filigree embellishments and beautiful sapphire accents. This alternative engagement ring features a glittering .82 carat old european cut diamond accompanied by a GIA diamond report. Our collection of commitment engagement rings include mine cut diamonds and european cut diamonds in metals such as platinum and rose gold.

Antique Wedding Bands

Express your style with original wedding bands from the Art Deco era in platinum and white gold. Together you can choose antique wedding bands or vintage wedding bands according to your tastes and style.

Vintage Gents Rings

Choose from our selection of vintage gents ring for a beautiful one of a kind look. This stunning gents ring features a glittering european cut diamond, weighing approximately .60 carat, residing in an 18 kt white gold setting circa 1970's.

Final thoughts:

We're so happy you've found your true partner! Our collection of engagement rings include antique engagement rings, gemstone rings and antique wedding bands which are one of a kind and always ethical and conflict free.