The term "estate" can be defined by a person's property or assets, yet its that and so much more. To estate engagement rings are beautiful engagement rings that are ethical and conflict free. They have beautiful antique cut diamonds that were produce before any wars. These rings are from a time when master jewelers sat behind benches, during the Art Deco and Victorian eras, producing one of a kind masterpieces. Antique jewelry unique, and shows what the style of the era was. When did platinum become popular? What era did rose gold become the metal of choice? Antique jewelry is, simply, jewelry that is over 100 years old. It includes Victorian, Georgia, Art Deco and Edwardian eras. In contrast, vintage jewelry is not yet 100 years old and includes the Retro era, mid century including the fabulous 50's, and the 1960's and 1970's. Estate jewelry is simply a term given to a piece of jewelry that has been previously owned. Estate jewelry can be a piece that is ten years old or a piece that is 100 years old. Estate engagement rings are ethical and environmentally friendly. That's why we cherish these pieces. Estate diamond rings include stunning statement rings, like vintage cocktail rings and art deco dinner rings. They are unique and and can be hundreds of years old or can simply be a great gemstone ring from the 1970's. Estate engagement rings are ethical, so we are not digging up the earth's surface, or using underage children for labor. Instead these children can get educated! Estate engagement rings are conflict free which tells us that the antique cut diamonds (including mine cut, european cut, rose cut, and single cuts) have never helped to finance any wars. Beautiful precious gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, and semi precious gemstones such as zircons, garnets, and aquamarines, also are ethical and conflict free.

Victorian Estate Engagement Ring

Victorian jewelry dates from 1837-1901. Estate engagement rings from this era are stunning. It is one of our favorite and unique eras. This ring feature beautiful mine cut diamonds, with a favorite metal, rose gold. Fun Fact: The mine cut diamond was the forerunner to the cushion cut, and the european cut was the forerunner to the round brilliant cut.

Art Nouveau Estate Engagement rings

The Art Nouveau period dates from1895 to 1920. It produced beautiful estate jewelry, and estate engagement rings. This sweet Art Nouveau engagement ring features four natural garnets residing in an 18 kt yellow gold setting, circa 1910. Fun fact: Typical of this time period are dragon flies and flowers!

Edwardian Estate Engagement Rings

Edwardian jewelry was produced between the years 1880 - 1915. We start to see platinum being used extensively. Edwardian engagement rings are delicate and will showcase beautiful filigree embellishments.

Art Deco Estate Engagement Rings

Art Deco engagement rings were produced during the years 1915- 1938. Estate engagement rings from the Art Deco era are bold and beautiful with geomertic frames.

Retro Estate Engagement Rings

The Retro era took place between 1939 -1950. It produced stunning cocktail rings featuring beautiful precious gemstones including rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These stones reside in yellow and rose gold. We see a distinct and unique change in fashion during this time. Customers who want that unique engagement ring tend to love Retro, or the 1940's engagement rings. Retro, or "statement" rings, can be worn on the left or right hand there are no rules!

The Fabulous Fifties

The war was over and we saw a return to diamonds and platinum. Halo engagement rings were making a big splash! We saw a return to the big jewelers in the 1960's and 1970's including Cartier and Winston!

Estate Wedding Bands

Many of our unique customers also love estate wedding rings and estate wedding bands . They want to wear an estate band with their antique engagement ring, or maybe wear it alone on the left or right hand. No rules, just a beautiful estate band. Some couples prefer to stack rings with mine cut diamonds and precious gemstones. Why not choose an estate wedding band from such famous designers as Tiffany or Cartier! Our collection of Cartier engagement rings are conflict free!

Estate Jewelry

If you found your dream antique engagement ring, maybe now you want to find a beautiful vintage pendant . One with antique mine cut diamonds, or an ethical ruby gemstone. Maybe an antique diamond necklace with romantic mine cut diamonds. You'll look beautiful with your vintage jewelry and you can also feel good that your helping keep our environment safe.

Final thoughts:

We love estate engagement rings and vintage jewelry. Which era is your favorite?