As you may know, we love Bloglovin. Bloglovin is where you can find the best array of bloggers in the world. One of my favorite things to do is have my cup of coffee, and read the great blogs. A great blog last week was by Michelle Madsen. It was about how the color red is being seen everywhere. We couldn't agree more. Ruby engagement rings are stunning, and nothing is as beautiful as a conflict free Burma ruby. Burma Rubies, or as they say pigeon blood rubies, are one of a kind. Finding a Burma ruby, or an antique ruby ring without heat treatment, is like finding a "needle in a haystack". Our collection of Burma Ruby engagement rings are always estate, which means they are ethical and conflict free. We will not source any rubies. We will only offer Art Deco ruby rings that were produced before any civil wars in Burma. We will never buy, or sell, any new lab sourced ruby, any gemstone, or any synthetic diamonds. Our entire collection of antique engagement rings, and gemstone engagement rings, are always conflict free and never sourced. That is our promise! Here are 4 beautiful ruby engagement rings you will love!

Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring

This vintage treasure from the 1960's features a .50 carat emerald cut Burma Ruby. This ruby is flanked by four round diamonds, all residing in a 14 kt two tone bow ring. Our ruby engagement rings are classic and conflict free.

Antique Ruby Engagement Ring

Queen Victoria loved jewelry, and she loved rubies! This stunning no heat, and conflict free, .50 carat square cut Burma ruby stars front and center in this lovely Victorian engagement ring . This Burma ruby is flanked by four mine cut diamonds, all residing in an early 1900's Victorian 14 kt rosy yellow gold setting. A timeless antique ruby ring , very hard to find!

Art Deco Ruby Engagement Ring

With beautiful art deco filigree embellishments, this stunning Art Deco engagement ring features a .50 carat european cut diamond. This diamond is flanked by two synthetic kite shape rubies, all residing in a stunning 1930's 14 Kt white gold antique engagement ring . Stunning and classic! Fun Fact: Ruby is the birthstone of July!

Vintage Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

We love conflict free Burma rubies, but we also love Siamese rubies! This vintage ruby ring features a no heat, .90 carat, pear shape Siam ruby. This ruby is accompanied by an AGL gem lab report stating no neat treatment. This timeless ruby is flanked by two round diamonds and six tapered baguette diamond accents, all residing in a 1970's 18 Kt white gold engagement ring.

Final Thoughts:

We love ruby engagement rings ! All of our rubies are antique or vintage rings guaranteed conflict free. owns all of our ruby rings, and all of the antique jewelry on our site. We never takes any diamonds, gemstones or antique rings on consignment! Which one is your favorite ruby ring?