loves gemstone engagement rings and travels the world looking for beautiful vintage rings for couples to enjoy for a lifetime. Our collection of vintage rings will showcase beautiful gemstones including garnets, moonstones, zircons and aquamarines and from eras including Victorian and Art Deco. We have many antique engagement rings to choose from with metals including white, yellow and the ever popular rose gold. Please remember all of our gemstone rings are ethical, never sourced and conflict free. We also will never sell any lab grown diamonds or lab grown gemstones. So this holiday season take a journey back in time with an affordable art deco gemstone ring everyone can afford!

Art Deco Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Take a trip back in time with this beautiful aquamarine engagement ring which features a natural pastel blue 1.00 ct navette aquamarine residing in a 14 Kt mixed metal setting circa 1930's. Our collection of antique aquamarine engagement rings are always ethical and conflict free.

Victorian Moonstone Engagement ring

This affordable engagement ring for everyone to love features two natural cabachon moonstones weighing 1.50 ct residing in a stunning 14 kt rose gold setting circa late 1800's. For couples looking for something unique, moonstone engagement rings are the perfect option! Our collection of moonstone engagement ring with diamonds will feature rose and single cut diamonds.

Antique Garnet Ring

Beautiful garnets are simply wonderful and this antique engagement ring features a natural .50 ct garnet residing in a 14 kt rose gold setting circa early 1900's.Our collection of non diamond engagement rings are affordable for everyone to love and will include moonstones, garnets, opals and zircons.

Antique Citrine Ring

Art Deco Engagement Rings are wonderful and this art deco ring features two natural citrines weighing approximately 2.50 ct residing in a 1930's 14Kt white gold ring completed with a beautiful filigree embellishment. Fun Fact: Citrines birthday is in the month of November!

Antique Zircon Ring

This romantic antique zircon ring from the 1940's features three natural zircons weighing approximately 2.50 ct residing in a 14 Kt rose gold setting. Our collection of zircon engagement rings are perfect for our customers who want an alternative engagement ring .

Final Thoughts:

All of our gemstone engagement rings are beautiful and they cost less than $1,150.00. Our collection of antique rings are natural, ethical and conflict free! Enjoy!