One way to be ethical, and conflict free, is by "Going Green." It seems this is the latest way to help our environment, and we fully agree. Recycling paper, glass, and plastics and using less plastic bags will save our beautiful earth. Couples are now choosing to go with "green" engagement rings and eco friendly engagement rings.

What are Green Engagement Rings

To really going green is by choosing a vintage engagement ring. You can never be 100 % sure that the new gold you purchase is really recycled, or the new diamonds and precious and semi-precious you may chosen were not financed in modern conflicts. Antique engagement rings are ethical and eco friendly. There has been no digging of the earth's surface, and you are guaranteed antique diamond cuts are 100 % conflict free.

Antique Diamonds

Antique diamonds, including rose cut, mine cuts and european cuts were produced decades before any modern conflicts. No-one can guarantee us that new diamonds are 100% conflict free.

Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones

Precious gemstones, such as Muzo emeralds, Kashmir and Burma Sapphires, and Burma Rubies residing in vintage and antique engagement rings were also mined before any major conflicts. They are "green." Semi precious gemstones in vintage engagement rings are another guarantee of being green, and ethical.

Gold and Platinum

While we think it is commendable for websites, and stores, to promote recycled gold, we still cannot be 100 % guaranteed that these precious metals are all recycled. Again, antique diamond rings are estate and totally ethical and green.


Lab Created Gemstones and Lab Created Diamonds

We will never source lab created gemstones, or diamonds, because their is no trade in, or resale value.


Final Thoughts:

We love antique engagement rings , and by choosing "green" engagement rings you are truly showing your love to your partner by going green. When choosing an estate diamond ring, you can rest assured your protecting our wonderful earth!