We write our blog from the heart of NYC. We all know that February In New York City is cold, but one way I like to stay warm is wearing one of my favorite precious gemstones, the Amethyst. Every February we wish Amethyst a "happy birthday." Amethyst is a fine standing member of the quartz family, and is made up of maganese and iron and is known for it's rich deep purple color. Amethysts have been a go to semiprecious gemstone for many eras, including the Art Deco, Victorian and 1960's and 1970's. If your partner adores amethyst like we do, why not choose a beautiful antique ring with an amethyst center gemstone, or a wonderful vintage engagement ring with amethyst. Our collection of amethyst rings is always from estates which means they are ethical and conflict free. We never source any amethyst or semi precious gemstones. The Amethyst's legend, and lore, is one of extreme clarity, calm and patience. It has excellent durability and on the Mohs hardness scale is a 7. So let's wish a big happy birthday to the amethyst. Here are 2 beautiful amethyst engagement rings you will love!

Antique Engagement Ring with Amethyst

This antique engagement ring features a bold 6.00 carat natural marquis amethyst. This gemstone resides in a 1930's antique 10 kt gold setting, and is flanked by 18 kt rose gold and yellow gold floral petals. Fun Fact: When visiting a jeweler, please have them use steam cleaning, and never use a jewelry chemical cleaner on your amethyst jewelry!

Art Deco Engagement Ring

This Art Deco engagement ring features a natural bezel set round cut amethyst, weighing approximately 2.00 carats. This gemstone is flanked by two vintage straight baguette diamonds and 15 european cut diamond accents, all residing in a platinum 1930's setting. A beautiful Art Deco ring in excellent condition. Our collection of Art Deco amethyst rings is always ethical and conflict free.

Final Thoughts:

Let's wish the semi precious gemstone, amethyst, a happy birthday! Do you love amethyst? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter