Summer is just around the corner, and when that happens we know a special birthday is coming up! It is for one of our favorite semi precious gemstones, the pearl. Pearls are produced in pearl oysters and are part of calcium carbonate. Pearls come in many forms, such as; Black pearls (usually large black pearls produced in black oysters), Natural pearls (very rare), South Sea pearls (extremely large pearls used in necklaces and earrings), Mabe pearls (flat shaped pearls), freshwater pearls (small, shaped like rice), and cultured pearls (man made pearls). Pearls have been an exciting part of jewelry for many decades. These include the Art Deco and Victorian eras. Combined with other semi precious gemstones (including aquamarine, topaz and garnets) you have a match made in heaven! Pearls were used as beautiful accent gems for Art Deco engagement rings , and with stunning South Sea necklaces and earrings in the 1970's and 1980's. Our collection of pearl gemstones is always ethical and conflict free. Let's wish a happy birthday to our wonderful semi precious gemstone, the pearl!

Victorian Engagement Rings

Master jewelers from the Victorian era loved using pearls in their collections of Victorian engagement rings . They paired them with natural garnets residing in rosy yellow gold from the early 1900's, and it made a beautiful engagement ring. Our collection of alternative engagement rings include pearls, turquoise and garnets.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Pearls also co-starred in many beautiful Art Deco engagement rings , and this stunning ring is no exception. An original bezel set european cut diamond is showcased, flanked by two cultured pearls and 25 european cut diamond accents. These stones reside in a 1930's platinum setting, completed with beautiful hand made filigree embellishments. They don't come any finer! Art Deco diamond rings are bold and sophisticated, and are completed with beautiful filigree and milgrain embellishments.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Whenever we think of wonderful partnerships, we think of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. For beautiful jewelry collectors throughout the world, another great partnership is pearls with aquamarines! This stunning gemstone engagement ring features natural sky blue aquamarine, surrounded by 26 seed pearls. These stones reside in a two tone gold engagement ring circa 1930's. Our collection of aquamarines is never sourced and come from eras such as the Victorian and Edwardian.

Vintage Pearl Bracelet

Anytime was a wonderful time for pearls. Yet, it seems like the pearl made a big comeback during the 1960's throughout the 1980's. This vintage pearl bracelet , from the 1970's, stars a cultured pearl flanked by 30 single cut diamonds and a line of lapiz, all residing in 14 kt yellow gold.

Final Thoughts:

Let's wish a "happy birthday" to a favorite semi precious gemstone of many, the Pearl. Pin your favorite piece of pearl jewelry on Pinterest!