August is slowly approaching, and that means that the summer is flying by! We want to wish a Happy Birthday to one of our favorite gemstones, the peridot. Peridot, the August birthstone, is a fine standing member of the chrysolite family, and the finest ones will be the richest green. Peridot was used in many different eras including the Victorian and Art Deco eras. It was also paired with beautiful mine cut and single cut diamond accents. We love this gemstone residing in antique engagement rings, and art deco jewelry, set in platinum and our favorite rose gold. Peridot's legend is one of wealth, opulence and abundance. We love peridot and want to wish this beautiful gemstone a wonderful birthday. Here are three of our favorite antique peridot rings

Peridot Engagement Ring

This Victorian engagement ring is classic.It features a beautiful green peridot weighing approximately 1.50 carat, residing in a stunning 10 Kt rose gold setting. When you buy a Victorian peridot ring you are being ethical and green!

Vintage Engagement Ring

This vintage engagement ring from the victorian era features a stunning oval peridot, weighing approximately 1.00 carat. This semi precious gem is flanked by rose cut diamond accents residing in a 14 Kt rose gold setting. travels the world looking for the finest antique peridot rings you will treasure for a lifetime.


Final Thoughts

Peridot is simply one of our favorite semi precious gemstones from any era. Happy birthday peridot! Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!