We love the holidays, and during this beautiful time of year we are lucky enough to wish the sweet semi precious gemstone, Turquoise, a Happy Birthday! Turquoise is a form of copper and aluminum, and can range from a light or dark blue to a deep blue green color. Turquoise was very popular during the Victorian and Art Deco eras and saw a resurgence in the 1970's. Turquoise legend is one of healing. Let's wish Turquoise a happy birthday! Here are two sweet antique rings that you will love!

Antique Turquoise Engagement ring

This sweet antique engagement ring features 8 square cut turquoise gemstones weighing approximately .80 carat. These gems reside in a 1940's 14 kt rose gold setting with beautiful ribbed engravings. Our collection of Vintage Art Deco engagement rings, featuring turquoise and garnets, are conflict free!

Vintage Turquoise Engagement Ring

This sweet vintage engagement ring features 12 square cut turquoise gemstones, and six seed pearls, residing in a lovely 18 kt rose gold setting, circa early 1900's. VintageDiamond Ring.com has a wonderful selection of unique colored gemstone rings including garnets and zircons, and affordable diamond rings with rose cuts and single cuts. Fun fact: Turquoise will increase kindness.

Final thoughts:

Happy birthday to the wonderful semi precious gemstone Turquoise!