The weather is starting to heat up, and July 4th is just around the corner! Every July we celebrate the birthday of the wonderful precious gemstone, the ruby. The ruby is from the family of corundum, and come from mines including the Burma and Africa (Siam). The great Burma ruby is also known by its nickname, "pigeon blood." Rubies have been popular throughout many different eras in history, including the Victorian, Art Deco and 1970's. The ruby has excellent durability, and a non treated ruby will demand a very high price tag in today's marketplace. The ruby's legend is known to ward off evil spirits, and promote health and healing. Our collection of ruby engagement rings, and jewelry, is always from different estates throughout the world. They are ethical and conflict free. Enjoy!

Vintage Ruby ring

Rubies are lovely, and the finest rubies are from the famous Burma mine. This vintage engagement ring features an ethical .50 carat Burmese ruby, flanked by four round cut diamond accents, all residing in a 1960's two tone setting of 14 kt white and yellow gold. If you celebrate your birthday in July, an antique ruby engagement ring is the perfect choice for you.

Art Deco Ruby engagement ring

There is something so special about an antique ruby ring . This stunning Art Deco engagement ring features a glittering old european cut diamond, flanked by two romantic synthetic ruby accents, all residing in a stunning Art Deco setting, circa 1930's. Our collection of Art Deco ruby rings is always ethical and conflict free. We will never source any rubies.

Antique Ruby Ring

This sweet, petite antique ruby bypass ring features a Burma ruby, weighing approximately .30 carat. This Ruby is standing proud with a .30 carat mine cut diamond, residing in an antique 14 kt rosy yellow gold bypass setting, circa early 1900's. Our collection of vintage ruby rings come from eras including the Art Deco and Victorian. Fun fact: Rubies are very durable and they are 9 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Victorian Ruby Ring

Queen Victoria loved rose gold with rubies. This stunning Victorian engagement ring features a synthetic deep ruby, weighing .35 carat, surrounded by 5 glittering rose cut diamonds, all residing in an early 1900's 14 kt rose gold setting. If you are looking for an alternative engagement ring , or unique engagement ring , a ruby is the perfect choice for year round wear!

Vintage Ruby Necklace

If you already have a ruby engagement ring, then let us introduce you to a vintage ruby pendant. This pendant features a .40 carat Siamese ruby, surrounded by 8 glitttering round diamond accents, residing in a 1980's 14 kt yellow gold setting. travels the world looking for beautiful vintage ruby pendants and antique ruby necklaces.

Final Thoughts:

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite precious gemstones, the ruby! Pin your favorite piece of jewelry on Pinterest.