Antique engagement rings are truly one of a kind, and timeless. Yet a question we are always asked by couples is, "what do antique engagement rings cost, and what factors add to this?" There are many factors that go into the pricing of an Antique or . Art Deco engagement rings , and we will list them. However, most importantly, is buying a unique antique engagement ring you will love. One that shows who you are, and you can enjoy for a lifetime!


One of the most important factors in pricing an antique engagement ring is what metal the ring is made out of. Platinum the most popular metal, will always be the most expensive metal. It is the softest metal, and the easiest metal that master jewelers worked with decades ago. White gold is the next metal most popular, with up and coming rose gold following right behind. Couples today are also opting for mixed metal engagement rings with white and yellow gold. Even though yellow gold is becoming popular again, it is the least desirable of all the metals.


What era a ring is from is one of the most important factors when pricing an antique engagement ring today, as well as antique jewelry. Art Deco engagement rings with beautiful filigree embellishments are very popular and very much in demand. Edwardian engagement rings, and Victorian diamond rings, also are very popular. Trends are so important in the pricing of vintage engagement rings, so jewelers must pay attention to look at what their customers want.

Precious and semi precious gemstones

Antique engagement rings with precious and semi precious gemstones are also very much in demand. Sapphire engagement rings and emerald engagement rings are quite popular too. Ruby engagement rings without treatment, with GIA certificates from the Burma or Kashmir mines are simply one of a kind, and can be very costly. Although they do not garner prices like precious gemstones, semiprecious gemstones rings such as aquamarine, moonstone, and zircon are very popular.


Just like any commodity, such as a house or car, the condition an Art Deco diamond ring , or Vintage diamond ring , is very important. Pristine antique engagement rings with original embellishments will bring a premium of at least 50 percent.

Antique Diamonds

Antique diamond rings feature one of a kind vintage mine cut, and old european cut diamonds. The size, color and clarity of the diamond all helps to determine the value of your ring.

Final thoughts:

There are many factors involving the costs of an antique engagement ring. Which metal is your favorite? What era do you love? We would love to hear your comments about our blog!