With the worlds economy in a state of flux, and the jewelry industry struggling,the only area of the jewelry business that we see growing is with antique jewelry, specifically antique engagement rings . According to "rappaport news," many jewelry stores are starting to close in the U.S. Since consumers are flocking to internet jewelry stores, physical stores are having a very hard time keeping up with the internet demand.

Chow Tai Fook

China's large jewelry store announced a decrease in sales this year, with their profit declining almost 50 percent! While they are not closing stores, we see this as a trend throughout the world.

Antique Engagement Ring Prices

The demand for antique engagement rings is reaching apex heights. Therefore, with the demand rising tenfold, prices are continuously rising for these timeless pieces.

Diamond Prices in America

Rough diamond prices, and polished diamond prices, are also softening. Yet, prices for mine cut and european cut diamonds in vintage engagement rings are continually rising. We believe they will continue to rise. Consumers are falling head over heels for vintage antique engagement rings .

Tiffany Jewelry Stores

One bit of good economic news from America is that "Tiffany" says their stores saw a rise in sales, making that their first sales growth in two years. Their stock was up 3 percent. Fun Fact: Tiffany was founded in the mid 1800's by Charles Tiffany, and remains a major jeweler to this day!

Final thoughts:

Antique engagement rings sales are at an all time high, and we do not see this trend slowing down! Like our blogs or our fun facts? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!