Vintage Engagement Rings

We all know that there is a tremendous demand for pristine antique engagement rings and vintage diamond rings. The las vegas antique jewelry show will give us a very good feel for the market. Will there be an abundance of pristine art deco rings and antique gemstone rings?

Who's Coming to Buy

With the world in a recession, who will be coming to buy diamonds and jewelry? Will our friends from the Far East, specifically China and India, come to buy? Are our chinese friends purchasing IF and VVS1 GIA diamonds? Are our Indian friends purchasing GIA diamonds with I, J and K colors and VVS clarities? Our European friends have been missing, especially from Germany and Italy. Will they come back? Will our friends from the Middle East, with oil so low, come back to by? Will The USA be strong buyers of diamonds and antique jewelry?

GIA Diamonds

What is the supply and demand of GIA diamonds ? Will China and India be major buyers of important GIA diamonds? Is the middle east still buying fancy colors, including large fancy GIA blue diamonds and GIA fancy pinks diamonds?

What's Hot in Antique Jewelry

Pristine antique diamond earrings and vintage diamond necklaces are always in high demand, and the Las Vegas show will give us a good indication of the supply on the market.

Whats not hot

This is probably the most important question for every jeweler at this show. We will find out which GIA diamonds are weak due to the recessions throughout the world.

Final Thoughts

Our next blog will answer all of our questions about the where the state of the diamond and antique jewelry industry is at this time, and where we think it is going. We can never know how long good times, or bad times, will last. But one question that doesn't need to be answered, that antique engagement rings are hot and will continue to sizzle!