When we want to find the newest color trend for the upcoming year there’s only one place we look, “Pantone.” For 2019, Pantones color of the year is “Living Coral.” Coral is such a warm and inviting color, and has actually been used extensively in jewelry since the Art Deco era and the mid century 1960's.

Coral is an organism of the sea and is known as marine coral. Coral comes in colors ranging from red, to pink, to orange. The legend of coral is one of wealth and riches, and we celebrate its birthday every October.

Coral may be treated, and is a very soft gemstone. In the Moh's scale of hardness, it rates a 3 - 4. Please do not use any ultrasonic cleaners to clean your coral jewelry. We love coral! Let’s view Pantones color of the year for 2019 in some of our favorite pieces of vintage jewelry.

1) Vintage Coral Necklace

 Vintage Coral Necklace

The mid century, 1960's, was a time when master jewelers used coral to make unique pieces of jewelry. This lovely vintage necklace features the semi precious gemstone Coral, flanked by Agate, and 14 round cut accent diamonds, all residing on an 18 kt yellow gold chain.

2) Art Deco Coral Brooch

Art Deco Coral Brooch

This stunning Art Deco brooch features a beautifully carved orangy coral, surrounded by 9 matched seed pearls and 9 cabachon coral accents, all residing in a warm and inviting 14 kt rose gold setting.

3) Vintage Orange Sapphire Ring

Vintage Orange Sapphire Ring

One of the color variations of coral is the bright and beautiful orange. This vintage engagement ring features a 1.50 carat oval natural orange sapphire surrounded by six delicate old European cut diamonds, set in platinum, circa 1980's. This unique engagement ring is always ethical and conflict free.

4) Antique Opal Ring

Antique Opal Ring

A 1.25 carat orange opal, surrounded by thirteen mine cut diamonds, is featured in this antique engagement ring. These glittering vintage diamonds reside in 14 kt rose gold. What a beautiful combination!

Final Thoughts:

Living Coral is Pantones color of the year for 2019. Which is your favorite orange, coral, opal or sapphire jewelry?

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