One of the hottest semi precious gemstones today, and one of my favorites, is the fantastic moonstone. Moonstone engagement rings have been popular throughout many eras, including the Victorian and Art Deco. Queen Victoria adored moonstones. They were used in beautiful rose gold settings, and also used in platinum during the Art Deco era. Moonstones celebrate their birthday in June, and are part of the family of Feldspar. Their legend speaks of instinct and inspiration. Here are four antique moonstone rings you will simply adore. Please watch out for the moonbeams!

Vintage Moonstone Engagement Rings

Moonstone engagement ring are beautiful! This vintage moonstone ring features a stunning cabachon moonstone, weighing 1.25 carat. It is surrounded by six synthetic sapphires, and six transitional cut diamonds, all residing in a 14 Kt white gold 1970's setting. All of our antique moonstone rings are conflict free and ethical.

Antique Moonstone Rings

Antique moonstone rings are classic, and timeless. This moonstone ring features a beautiul 1.50 carat cabochon moonstone surrounded by sixteen mine cut diamonds, residing in 1940's rosy yellow gold setting.

Victorian Moonstone Rings

Queen Victorian loved jewelry, and we know she loved moonstone rings. This Victorian moonstone ring features a .50 carat cabachon moonstone. This gemstone resides in a 14 Kt rose gold setting, completed with beautiful hand crafted engravings from the late 1800's. Our collection of moonstone engagement rings come from eras such as Victorian and Art Deco!

Moonstone Engagement Rings

The only thing better than a moonstone ring is a twin moonstone ring! This Victorian engagement ring features two cabachon moonstones weighing 1.50 carat. These beautiful moonstones reside in a beautiful 14 Kt rose gold setting. Moonstone engagement rings are classic and are becoming one of the most sought after semi precious gemstones for couple ms looking for a unique engagement ring.

Final Thoughts:

Moonstone engagement rings , simply said, are classic and timeless! Tell us your favorite moonstone ring on Facebook or Twitter!