The 1960's was a time of change, and pear cut engagement rings became hot. We all read the gossip pages in the newspapers that told us Richard Burton gave Liz Taylor a 69.00 carat pear shape ring. The world took notice, and every women wanted a pear shape! Now, decades later, we found out from the Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turners, Instagram page, that she has gotten engaged to Joe Jonas with this stunning fancy shape ring. Their pear cut diamond resides in a classic solitaire setting. Get ready because we think pear shapes are going to be hot! Here are our favorite pear shape rings!

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

We love Sophie’s engagement ring, and we also love this classic pear shaped engagement ring . It features a 1.40 carat GIA pear shape diamond, flanked by two shimmering tapered baguette diamond accents, all residing in platinum!

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Sophie Turner’s pear cut diamond is classic, and so is this 1.11 carat pear shape diamond. It is accompanied by a GIA certificate, and resides in a 14 kt white gold solitaire setting.

Ruby Engagement Ring

If you love the fancy pear shape, yet you want an alternative engagement ring (not diamond, how about this dazzling, ethical, no heat pear cut ruby!) This stunner is flanked by glittering round and baguette shape diamonds, all residing in a 1970's 18 kt white gold setting.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

If you want an ethical engagement ring, and you have a March birthday, why not consider a beautiful sky blue, pear cut aquamarine ring!? This stunning aquamarine weighs approximately 1.25 carat and is surrounded by twleve dazzling european cut diamonds. These stones reside in a 1980s platinum setting. Our collection of antique rings is always eco-friendly and conflict free.

Pear Rose Cut Ring

If you want an antique diamond, this pear rose cut ring is for you! It is stunning and timeless. This beautiful pear shape diamond weighs exactly .63 carat, and is accompanied with a GIA diamond report. It is flanked by two sparkling tapered baguette diamonds residing in platinum. Magnifique!

Princess Cut Wedding Band

Sophie has a beautiful matching princess cut wedding band to match her pear shape ring, and our princess cut band features 15 perfectly matched diamonds, all residing in a 14 kt white gold band!

Final Thoughts:

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