Lately, my husband has started to wear pink polo shirts and pink long sleeves shirts. I asked him why the sudden change to pink? He also mentioned to me, that at the 2017 U.S open golf tournament he saw many of the golfers wearing pink! Viewers saw beautiful pink pants (I don't think he's there yet) and pink golf shirts. When I see this much pink, I realize how popular pink gemstone engagement rings have become. Non diamond engagement rings feature pink tourmalines from the 1960's and 1970's. If you love unique engagement rings , how about a beautiful pink sapphire engagement ring, or large pink Art Deco gemstone ring? Whichever era you prefer, we guarantee that pink is a hot color for all engagement rings, and will stay popular for a long time.

Antique Tourmaline Ring

What's better than one tourmaline? Well, 2 tourmalines of course! This stunning gemstone engagement ring features two natural tourmalines, weighing approximately .50 carat, and two seed pearls, all residing in a rosy yellow gold vintage ring circa 1940's. Our collection of 1940's unique engagement rings is always eco friendly. We will never source gemstones!

Antique Cocktail rings

Antique cocktail rings are so much fun! This stunning dinner ring features a large synthetic gemstone, weighing 4.00 carats, residing in a beautiful 10 kt two tone Art Deco engagement ring circa 1930's. This exquisite ring completed with rose gold florets. Magnifique!

Vintage Dinner Rings

Vintage engagement rings are simply fantastic, and this stunning ring is no exception. It features a 7.00 carat synthetic, deep pink, square cut gemstone residing in a 1930's tri color 14 kt gold setting. This one is for our alternative engagement ring lovers!

Gemstone Engagement Rings

You found your partner, and want a non diamond engagement ring . Well, we have the perfect vintage ring for you! It stars pink, blue, yellow and green natural sapphires in a 1980's vintage white gold setting. A gorgeous gemstone engagement ring with every color of the rainbow! Our selection of sapphire engagement rings is always ethical and never sourced!

Final Thoughts:

Pink is hot! Which vintage pink ring is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!