We had a customer purchase an antique ring from us a few months back, and he put a wonderful review for us on Yelp engagement ring reviews. We really don't go on to Yelp.com , or ivouch.com , to look at our reviews but this customer said they found us through these review sites. They also explained how after reading Yelp reviews, they negated a few sites, especially after they saw that the a website offered customers money to change their negative review. If you're a little bit uncomfortable with review sites, and don't know if a review is true or false, there are a few ways you can figure this out.

Yelp.com or Ivouch.com Reviews

We love Yelp.com and Ivouch.com ! These are two wonderful review sites for everything from antique engagement rings to great restaurants in every city. Yet, how do we know whats true or not!? One way to really find out, especially on Yelp, is to scroll to the middle and end pages to see more reviews. We've been told to check out all the reviews, not just on the first few pages!

Has The Company Improved!

If there are the same negative reviews, has the company taken care of them? Is the company trying to improve? Is a company condescending towards customers who don't want to spend a lot of money on an engagement ring? Are they treated the same as other customers who want to spend a bit more? Is there a time limit for fixing or sizing a ring? Does the company stand behind their product after the time limit is up? If you keep seeing the same complaints, this may be a sign to keep away from the site, or at least, let the buyer beware!

Do The Antique Diamonds have Certificates?

One way to protect yourself from fraud is to only buy an antique diamond that is accompanied by a diamond certificate. This could be a GIA, EGL, or AGI certificate.

Does the Company Own the Antique Engagement Rings?

You can usually find out if a company owns their own vintage engagement rings and Art Deco jewelry by asking how long the return policy is. If their policy only lasts upto 30 days, then they usually don't own the jewelry. You are probably paying an inflated price because the site has the jewelry on consignment.

Bad Customer Service

Every industry has to have excellent customer service. You can find out through various review sites (Yelp.com, Ivouch.com, etc) which companies have the best products, layaway plans and customer service. Here, at VintageDiamondRing.com, our top priorities are our antique diamond rings and customer service.

Final Thoughts;

VintageDiamondRing.com has been in the antique engagement ring and diamond business for over 35 years. We didn't come into the industry in the past 5 years! You can say we were born into the business, and are second generation. We own all of the vintage diamond rings and vintage jewelry on our site. We never take on consignment, we have excellent customer service, and have 60 days to return a piece of jewelry.