Queen Victoria loved jewelry. Her favorite metal for her master jewelers to design with was rose gold. Rose gold has been a popular metal for many eras including the Victorian and Retro. It seems to us that the popularity of rose gold keeps escalating, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Rose gold is like an old friend, warm and inviting. It goes well with antique mine cut and old european cut diamonds, as well as gemstones such as garnets, aquamarines, and zircons. Rose gold is classic, and we believe it is here to stay. If you want that perfect antique engagement ring, or you want to be as unique as your unique engagement ring, then we are glad you found rose gold. Here are five rose gold engagement rings that we guarantee you will love for a lifetime.

Victorian Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Here comes the sun with this stunning starburst vintage engagement ring . This ring features a .13 carat old european cut diamond residing in a 14 kt rose gold setting completed with beautiful filigree engravings. Queen Victoria understood the magic with rose gold, and this Victorian engagement ring has a magical feel to it! Our collection of Victorian antique engagement rings feature metals including rose gold and platinum.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

A dazzling, cool blue 1.75 carat natural aquamarine is showcased in this lovely antique retro engagement ring . Featured along with this beautiful aquamarine is 14 single cut diamond accents, all residing in an 18 kt rosy yellow gold setting completed with a lovely open work design. Semi precious gemstone engagement rings in rose gold are simply breathtaking!

Vintage Diamond Ring in Rose Gold

This beautiful vintage diamond ring from the Victorian era features a glittering .40 carat antique mine cut diamond. This diamond is flanked by two single cut diamond accents, all residing in an 18 kt rose gold ring. Our collection of engagement rings from the Victorian era are conflict free. Fun Fact: The Victorian era took place from 1837-1901!

Moonstone Engagement Ring

Moonstone engagement rings are hot, and this antique engagement ring is sizzling! This ring features a stunning 1.50 carat natural cabachon moonstone, surrounded by 16 antique mine cut diamonds, all residing in an 18 kt rosy yellow gold setting circa 1940's. For our unique engagement ring enthusiasts, rose gold engagement rings are a beautiful choice to showcase a warm vintage look! Please watch out for those moonbeams!

Moonstone Engagement Ring

Ruby engagement rings in rosy yellow gold are breathtaking. This no heat treatment Burma ruby is featured in a 14 kt rosy yellow gold engagement ring, circa 1900's. Our collection of natural ruby engagement rings is always conflict free and we never source any rubies!

Final thoughts:

Rose gold engagement rings from every era are beautiful. Which rose gold ring is your favorite?