Tourmaline Engagement Ring

We love our first beautiful semi precious gemstone, the Tourmaline. This vintage tourmaline engagement ring is simply stunning, with its beautiful purple hue. Finely crafted in the 1980's in 14 kt yellow gold, this vintage cocktail ring is surrounded by fourteen round diamond accents! Enjoy our wonderful collection of vintage tourmaline rings, with stunning purple hues, in beautiful filigree settings from all eras throughout history.

Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarines are simply one of the finest semi precous gemstones, and are beloved throughout the world. We love searching for antique aquamarine rings , and this 1940's retro aquamarine ring was a great find! It features a one of a kind conflict free 1.75 aquamarine residing in an 18 kt rosy yellow gold setting. If you are searching for a beautiful vintage wedding ring, or anniversary ring, please view our beautiful collection of vintage aquamarine rings and aquamarine cocktail rings for important moments in your life.

Vintage Garnet Rings

Garnets are known for their beautiful red colors, but colors can also include green or brown hues. This vintage garnet ring is simply stunning, featuring a conflict free natural garnet weighing 1.25 carat, residing in a beautiful, original 1930's 14 kt yellow gold setting.

Peridot Engagement Ring

Peridots are a favorite semi precious gem and a fine standing member of the chrysolite family. This Victorian Peridot ring features a cool green, conflict free peridot weighing 1.50 carats. This gem resides in a 10 kt antique rose gold setting. never sources any precious, or semi precious, gems and all of our antique rings are estate, so you know all of our gems were mined before any conflicts and are conflct free.

Citrine Engagement Rings

Citrines are members of the great quartz family, and range from light yellow, smokey brown to the fire citrine colors. This beautiful antique citrine ring is conflict free and resides in a 1930's art deco filigree setting. When purchasing antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings you can be 100 percent sure you are being environmentally conscious, no redigging of the earth !

Our 100 percent Conflict Free Antique Engagement Ring Guarantee

At we are committed to being 100 percent socially and environmentally secure. We have very high standards, and that is why all of our semi precious gemstones are estate engagement rings and vintage rings. This means they are all conflict free and were produced before any present conflicts. No redigging of the earths beautiful lands, no polluting of its waters , and no usage of underage children, or any children for that matter. We will never source any precious gems such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds, or any semi precious gemstones such as garnets, aquamarines, citrines or peridots. We own all of the antique rings on our site! Our collection of antique engagement rings were produced when master artisans sat behind benches for weeks on end producing beautiful engagement rings that could be treasured for years to come. Rings today are just produced using computer simulations and machine casted molds! Gems today cannot have 100 percent transparency and no one can guarantee that gems are 100 percent conflict free. When you buy vintage engagement rings you can be guaranteed everything is conflict free .