Websters dictionary states that the word "simple" means free from vanity or ostentation. However, when I use the word simple when describing antique engagement rings, or antique jewelry, this writer thinks of elegance and classic. A solitaire engagement ring is simple, yet it is classic, and with filigree embellishments it is very special and unique. Three stone engagement rings, and antique bezel set engagement rings, are also simple yet classic. Elegance will never go out of style. During The Victorian era Queen Victoria adored the simplistic, warm, and inviting, rose gold metal in the beautiful Victorian engagement rings. We all love mixed metal and estate engagement rings of the 1940's. VintageDiamondRing.com has a wonderful selection of half carat, one carat, two carat and, yes, three carat classic and simple engagement rings that are always ethical and conflict free! We welcome you to view 5 simple engagement rings that you will love for a lifetime!

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire engagement rings are elegant, and time honored classics. This sweet antique engagement ring features a glittering european cut diamond weighing approximately .20 carat, residing in a 1920's 14 kt white gold setting completed with beautiful hand crafted filigree engravings. Solitaire engagement rings have the center gemstone as the focal point. Your center gemstone may be a beautiful mine cut diamond, or a precious or semi precious gemstone. There are no rules. Just a beautiful engagement ring you will love for a lifetime.

1.00 Carat Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another choice for many couples is a vintage engagement ring with a one carat diamond as your center stone. This stunning antique solitaire ring features a 1.02 carat old european cut diamond, with a GIA diamond report. This beautiful antique diamond resides in a romantic 1930's 18 kt white gold setting, completed with a beautiful filigree design. This engagement ring with a filigree embellishment is stunning and unique.

Bezel Set Engagement Ring

Bezel set engagement rings are classic and have a distinct look couples have loved for decades. This antique diamond ring features a bezel set mine cut diamond residing in a two tone 1920's 14 kt setting, of white gold atop rose gold. Fun Fact: a bezel setting does not have prongs. It will provide a thin, or in many cases thicker, piece of gold for a gorgeous look! Bezel set solitaire settings have been popular for many decades including the 1930's and 1940's.

Emerald Solitaires

If you desire a unique engagement ring and want something other than a diamond, why not try a gemstone!? This 1970's emerald engagement ring features a stunning .35 carat Columbian Muzo emerald residing in a classic 1970's 14 kt white gold setting. Our collection of solitaire settings include sapphires, rubies, aquamarines, garnets and zircons. Our collection of emerald engagement rings is always ethical, and conflict free. We will never source any gemstone.

Three Stone Simple Engagement Rings

A trio of bright white mine cut diamonds, weighing approximately .45 carat, is showcased in this romantic Victorian rose gold engagement ring, circa 1900's.This sweet engagement ring symbolizes the past, present and future!

Fancy Shape Diamond

Fancy shape diamonds make beautiful solitaire engagement rings .This stunning .81 carat emerald cut diamond is accompanied by a GIA certificate stating D color and SI1 clarity. This diamond resides in a 14 kt white gold solitaire setting circa 1980's. Other fancy shape diamonds include oval cut, princess cut, pear cut, marquis cut and radiant cut. They are all wonderful choices as a focal gemstone for a solitaire setting. Our collection of solitaire engagement rings is always estate and conflict free.

Final Thoughts:

Simple engagement rings have always been classic. They always will be. What is your favorite vintage ring? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!