Victorian Education

The Victorian era covers the time period from 1837 to 1901 and is aptly named for Queen Victoria of England. Jewelry of this era was composed of yellow gold, rose gold and rosy yellow gold. The time periods of Victorian is comprised of early victorian, mid victorian and late victorian

Victorian Diamond Ring

This sweet late 1800's Victorian diamond ring is breathtaking, featuring a center european cut diamond residing in 18 kt rose gold. Sweet as can be! A beautiful and affordable diamond ring .

Victorian Wedding Ring

This sweet and romantic antique wedding ring is simply breathtaking. Featuring six antique mine cut diamonds residing in a antique two tone setting.

Victorian Mine Cut Diamond Ring

This Victorian beauty was designed in the 1800's in 14 kt rose gold, and features a romantic mine cut diamond.

Moonstone Engagement Ring

This Victorian moonstone ring exudes elegance! Two natural cabachon moonstones star in this unique victorian beauty! If your in the military please inquire about our military engagement ring discount.

Victorian Opal Engagement Ring

We are captivated with the beautiful colors of opal and seed pearls in this rare Victorian opal engagement ring . This ring was crafted in the 1800's in gleaming 18 kt rose gold

Victorian Garnet Ring

This elegant Victorian beauty features three natural garnets, six shimmering seed pearls, and one mine cut diamond accent. A sweet antique garnet ring !

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