This something new for is set in the not-so-distant 1970's. Turmoil was brewing in the streets as a result of the Vietnam war, and while the period's jewelry weren't as refined as say, the antique or art deco era, the post mid-century still provided us with some very adequate finds. Our favorite ring from the 1970's is this sweet vintage marquis diamond engagement ring:


In that decade we started to see platinum being used again, and especially baguettes as side stones. Marquis and pear shape diamonds also saw a big jump in popularity, caused in part by the great Elizabeth Taylor and many other movie stars wearing big pear shape and marquis shape diamond engagement rings:


Another favorite star of ours, Barbra Streisand, also started to wear antique engagement rings, vintage brooches and antique jewelry around that time – solidifying the 'rediscovery' trend.

And, as always, a favorite song of ours from the 1970s was Neil Young and CSNY's "Ohio."