And no more sign of lifelong fidelity and happiness for you!

This morning, we’ve decided to write this blog just as we were starting our day. Before we being working, we usually do what millions of others usually do as well: have a cup of coffee. Innocent enough, right? Well, this morning things are bit different, because we saw an article concerning Starbucks and engagement rings!

Now, before I go on, I’ve got to say that I love Starbucks coffee. However, according to their new employee dress code, engagement rings – along with any other form of jewelry with stones on it – is no longer welcome behind the counter. Sure, while plain wedding bands may still be welcome, bracelets and watches are not allowed, and earrings can only be worn if they are ‘moderately sized’, as well as being restricted to no more than two per ear. It is worth noting here that moderately sized is in accordance with FDA food guidelines…



Used to be cute, now just shoving it in baristas' faces. 


Social media has caught wind of this, and a lot of people are complaining. They are upset because they cannot wear their wedding or engagement rings during their shift. Even though tattoos and mohawks are specifically said to be ok, wedding rings aren’t? What if someone’s wife had her husband’s grandmother’s wedding ring and she had to take it off every time she worked?


Wearing an engagement ring, or any jewelry for that matter, is to this blog’s author a simple form of self-expression. It seems that our beloved Starbucks is inadvertently stifling this all for some obscure health concerns… and that should be changed.