There are a few jewelry shows that give the jewelry industry a strong indication of how the industry is doing. These include the great Miami Beach Antique Show, the Las Vegas Antique and Jewelry Show, and the great September Hong Kong Jewelry show. The Hong Kong show tells us how the diamond market is doing, what type of antique jewelry is selling, and who the buyers are throughout the world. Is the Far East buying, including the Chinese and India markets? Are our friends from the Middle East buying diamonds and jewelry? What's going on with the Europeans, specifically the German and Italian markets? How are the American markets going? Here are our thoughts of the jewelry and diamond industry throughout the world!

What Countries Came to The Show

It seems to us, the world is still stuck in a downturn. Our friends from the Far East, including China and India, were there but it seems to us that they are still very quiet. They are not buying their colorless diamonds with flawless and VVS clarity grades. The Europeans, including the German and Italian markets, are also very very quiet. The Middle East buyers were there, but with oil prices so low, that part of the world is quiet also. The United States buyers are always there in abundance, and we will comment on what they were buying and seeing.

Diamond Prices

The Far East are always interested in colorless and near colorless diamonds, with Flawless and VVS clarities. These diamond prices are slowly decreasing. However, diamond prices for the Middle East, including fancy colors diamonds such as blue and pink, are still very strong. GIA Diamond prices geared toward the United States, including colorless and near colorless with SI1 and SI2 clarities, are still holding their own, along with I1 clarities with GIA certificates steadily rising.

Antique Engagement Rings and Antique Jewelry

Beautiful antique engagement ring prices are very strong with the demand for antique and vintage engagement rings steadily rising. Fine precious vintage gemstone rings with no heat treatment are very popular as well, and prices continue to rise.

Final Conclusion:

Antique engagement rings were very much in demand in the Hong Kong diamond show. However, most diamond prices geared toward the Far east are still stagnant.