We love to blog! After reading so many fantastic blogs, I consider myself a novice blogger. However, there are a few magical moments for when selling antique engagement rings. This past week a customer asked us about our layaway program for a moonstone engagement ring she was crazy about. She put down a deposit. We were just so happy to sell a beautiful ring and see how excited our customer was. She sent me an email telling me how excited she was, and "How the Ring Symbolizes So Much Hope For Me." So I sent her one of our blogs " https://vintagediamondring.com/blog/Why-We-Love-Art-Deco-Engagement-Rings/ and also sent her our blog titled "Why We Love Art Deco Engagement Rings!

Or is it the journey, the stories and history these pretty antique rings have behind them having traveled all these years? Could it be that we love the beautiful look of mine cut and european cut diamonds, the simple elegance of them? Or the beautiful worn look antique engagement rings have after decades of enjoyment, like your favorite pair of worn in jeans!? It could be, but I think the reason we love vintage engagement rings so much is because of the symbolism these rings bring. One magic moment, when that special person in your life gives you that unique piece. A Vintage engagement ring is like an old friend who puts a smile on your face everytime you see them. At least that's what they do for me. I know every time I put my antique engagement ring on, I think of my mother who gave it to me. It takes me back to a time when she also loved wearing her ring, and I would watch, every time she put her ring on, the joy it brought to her face. Then she gave it to me, as I will give it to one of my girls. So go ahead, start your journey with a vintage engagement ring , or antique diamond ring, and I guarantee it will put a smile on your face. She then told me how her grandmother's wedding set from the 1920's was stolen. But she loved the history and mystery of those pieces. She said she hoped to play dress up with her granddaughter like her "MiMI" did with her, and have tea and talk about our lovely jewelry. Her granddaughter will pretend its hers, and then one day... just maybe, it might be.....but probably after I'm passed because she loves it and will wear it forever! This woman had a fake moonstone when she had some health problems and it got her through that mess. Now she wants a new moonstone to go with it! She said "I love your blog by the way! "photo of a heart! Antique engagement rings are special and can bring you back to a special time. You can start your own journey with them. This is one of the magical moments of my life, helping to bring some hope and new memories to a customer with the magic of moonstone engagement rings! Antique rings are always ethical and conflict free!

Final Thoughts:

Brittny W : "I'm so excited. I just know I'll think of my Mimi every day when I wear it! And oh the future stories it may bring!" That's why we love antique engagement rings and watch out for the moonbeams!