You've found your partner, and now it's time to purchase a vintage engagement ring. There are a few important tips to follow when purchasing a vintage, or antique, engagement ring. First and foremost is authenticity. How do you know that the ring you are considering is truly antique or vintage? Are you actually purchasing an antique mine cut or european cut diamond, and are there any guarantees? Next is the condition of the ring. Is the ring (that may be decades old) in good, or excellent, condition? Are you actually buying real platinum, or gold, and not just silver? has been in the diamond and antique jewelry industry for over 35 years. Here are some tips we've learned, that can help you, along the way.

Know who your buying from:

We love the world wide web! You have a plethora of vintage dealers throughout the world at your fingertips. Look at their inventory of engagement rings and antique jewelry . If they have hundreds or thousands of estate rings in stock, that will show you they are true dealers of antique diamond rings. Do they have true Art Deco rings or just replicas rings? If you want to be ethical and conflict free, stay away from replica rings. We also recommend buying from true websites rather than online classified lists. Look at the web for review sites. We recommend and Yelp.


If a vintage jewelry website owns their Art Deco diamond rings, then they should have true photos of the rings and simulated photos of stock rings. When a ring is decades old, such as a vintage engagement ring, they will have that true vintage look. You never want a vintage ring to be polished. It has taken decades, in some cases centuries, to get that old look. See if the jeweler gives a lifetime guarantee. If so, then you know that they will be your jeweler for the long run, and not just there for the immediate sale.

Makers Mark or Metal Mark

Making sure your vintage ring is made from a precious metal is so important. 99 percent of vintage rings will have a stamp stating platinum or 14/18 kt gold on the ring shank. If you're purchasing a Tiffany ring, or a designer ring, make sure the stamp is on the ring! Always ask for a bill of sale stating the designer on the bill.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Being ethical today is of utmost importance to our alternative engagement ring customers. See what era your ring if from. If it is a true authentic Art Deco ring, with an aquamarine as its center, you'll know its ethical. When purchasing a reproduction, there is no guarantee that the gemstone is eco-friendly.

Appraisal or Certificate:

Always request an appraisal, or a bill of sale, to make sure you know what era your ring is from, and what type of metal your ring is. Please note, if there is a certificate with your center gemstone. Many rings will have GIA diamond reports or precious gemstones rings with Kashmir or Burma sapphires, Burma Rubies and Columbian emeralds.

Final Thoughts:

These were a few tips for you when purchasing a true vintage engagement ring, or piece of antique jewelry you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime!