travels around the world looking for one of a kind pristine antique engagement rings. One of our favorite types of engagement rings are antique emerald rings . The most popular emeralds come from Columbia, and the most coveted emeralds come from the famous Muzo mine. Many of our favorite eras, including the Art Deco, Victorian, and the 1960's and 1970's used Columbian emeralds as the center gemstone for engagement rings. During the 1960's-1970's, many of the power jewelers, like Bulgari, Van Cleef and Arpel, and Harry Winston, used Muzo emeralds in gleaming platinum. never sources new Columbian emeralds. All of our art deco emerald rings , and vintage emeralds rings , are from decades ago, sometimes centuries. They are always ethical and conflict free. The emerald's legend is one of wealth and riches. We love antique emerald engagement rings . Here are five important tips when purchasing an emerald engagement ring.

Columbian Muzo Emerald

The most sought after emerald is the famous Columbian Muzo emerald. It's beautiful green hues with a special greenish color make it so special. Muzo emeralds are unique, and this mine does not produce emeralds anymore. Muzo emeralds are the most sought after gemstone in today's market place, and may be coveted more than diamonds!

Columbian Emeralds

Columbian emeralds are still the most sought after emeralds in the world, and have a lovely greenish color. Most Columbian emeralds will have an oil treatment to enhance its color.

African Emeralds

Africa (Zambian) produces natural green emeralds with different hues. These are a darkish colored emerald which also has an oil treatment to them.


All new columbian emeralds, and African emeralds, have some type of oil treatment. It may come out after years of wear, or when jewelers use heat treatment when repairing an emerald and diamond ring. Some Muzo Columbian emeralds may not have any oil treatment. Those emeralds are very hard to find in today.


We always recommend gem lab reports from the AGL lab and GIA lab in NYC for verifying oil treatments, and origins of emeralds.

Settings and Repair

Emeralds are a very soft gemstone. They need a special master jeweler to remove or add an emerald to and from its setting.

Synthetic Emeralds

Synthetic emeralds were used as accent gemstone for many rings during the Art Deco and Victorian eras.

Final Thoughts:

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