We adore vintage engagement rings, but an antique sapphire ring is truly one of a kind. Sapphires are precious gemstones, and part of the corundum family. Sapphires from the Kashmir, Burma and Ceylon mines are some of the most sought after gemstones in the world. Sapphires without any heat treatment are very hard to find, and will be accompanied with either a GIA or AGI lab report. Sapphires comes in many different hues including orange, yellow, pink, and purple. Some couples want this as their center gemstone for their vintage engagement ring. Our collection of antique sapphire rings is always ethical and conflict free. We love beautiful sapphires. Here are five tips for purchasing sapphire engagement rings .

Kashmir Sapphires

The most famous sapphire mine is the Kashmir mine, which has produced many of the most beautiful sapphires. The color of this popular sapphire is a beautiful cornflower blue. This mine has been closed for many years. Kashmir sapphires are one of the most important gemstones, and in many cases are just as coveted as diamonds.

Burma Sapphires

A Burma sapphire also is a coveted precious gemstone with a beautiful color blue color. Burma sapphires , while not as coveted as the Kashmir sapphire, is still very hard to find without heat treatment .

Ceylon Sapphires

The most popular sapphire is the Ceylon sapphire , especially during the 1970's and 1980's. This sapphire has a light blue color and will usually have some type of heat treatment.

Madagascar sapphires

Madagascar sapphires are also beautiful, and have a cornflower blue color like the sought after Kashmir sapphire.

Orange, Pink, Yellow and Purple Sapphires

Vintage sapphire rings with orange, yellow, pink, and purple sapphires are a wonderful alternative to blue sapphires. They are very popular with couples seeking a less expensive alternative engagement rings than the classic blue sapphire. Fun Fact: the sapphires legend is one of mental clarity.


All sapphires today will have some type of color treatment. Vintage engagement rings with Kashmir and Burma sapphires , without any treatment, are one of the most south after precious gemstones today.


Many of the most beautiful sapphire engagement rings come from the Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian and the mid centuries including the 1960's and the 1970's.


The AGL and GIA laboratories will grade sapphire engagement rings , and loose sapphire gemstones, for treatment and origin.

Conflict free and Ethical

It is impossible to guarantee new sapphires to be ethical and conflict free. We will never source any sapphires. All of our antique sapphire rings , Art Deco sapphire rings , vintage sapphire rings and sapphire and diamond rings are estate, which means they are ethical and conflict free.

Synthetic Sapphires

Synthetic sapphires were used as accents gemstones during the Art Deco and Victorian eras.

Jewelry Repairs

When repairing a vintage sapphire ring we always recommend a master jeweler with experience in gemstones. This may include removing the sapphire. When heat touches a sapphire, it may burn this precious gemstone.

Final thoughts

We adore sapphires and adore sapphire engagement rings . What's your favorite sapphire? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter