What do Vintage engagement rings have to do with cities throughout the U.S? First, let me say, that we love all of our cities. However, a few cities have been taking the extra step to be ethical and conflict free. That's why we love vintage and antique engagement rings ! Our collection of vintage rings are always estate, which means they are ethical and conflict free. When you buy vintage, you are saving the earth, saving children from being used as under age workers, and there is no financing of any wars. Instead of these children working, they are in school, getting an education, which will help them come help society. We never source any gemstones, or synthetic gemstones. We never sell synthetic diamonds, because you can never guarantee that your gemstone was never used in the financing of wars! Here is a list of the cities that have been listed as conflict free cities, like our conflict free vintage engagement rings!

Pittsburg PA

Pittsburgh is the home of the Stanley Cup Hockey Champs, and is also a conflict free city! Here is what the city council has passed, " BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh calls on electronic companies and other industries to take the necessary steps to remove "conflict minerals" from their supply chain. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh calls on US executive leadership in helping to establish an international certification system for minerals coming from Central Africa to ensure they are not contributing to conflict."

St Petersburg Florida

the beautiful Florida city has passed a resolution to favor products free of Congo Conflict minerals.

Edina MN

Edina, MN is another city that is conflict free. This was taken from the blog post announcing that they are conflict free! "The Minneapolis suburb of Edina recently became the third city in the United States to adopt legislation to avoid purchasing electronics that perpetuate the conflict in eastern Congo."

Madison WI

Madison, Wisconsin is home of the Badgers, and is also a conflict free city. The city has denounced the use of minerals that fuel violence and change their electronic purchasing practices to favor conflict-free products!

Kingston-Upon-Hull, England

Kingston-Upon Hull has passed a resolution that they would express a preference for conflict-free electronics !

Portland Or

Portland is home of the Trailblazers, and is also conflict fee! They have enacted a policy to ensure that all cellular devices, and other key communication equipment, purchased by the city are not connected to killing, child abductions, or sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Final Thoughts:

Let's stay ethical and conflict free. By purchasing Vintage engagement rings we can assure you that we are conflict free. Thank you to the cities throughout the world!