With the U. S leaving the Paris Accords, one topic on everyone's mind is climate change. California's Governor #Jerry Brown, is trying to lead the way with China to reduce carbon emissions, and promote green technology. Other states Governors are following his lead. Consumers are being green when they choose vintage, and antique, engagement rings that are decades, and centuries old. No digging up of the earth's surface, no dirty gold, and no underage labor. An antique diamond ring with a mine cut or european cut diamond from the Edwardian or Art Deco era is always conflict free. Since no underage children are being used for labor, they have a chance to study and become doctors and lawyers! VintageDiamondRing.com will never source diamonds or gemstones. Our gemstones (including rubies, emeralds, aquamarines and garnets) are purchased from estates throughout the world, thus promoting a green environment. We never use any new metals, such as platinum, gold or palladium to make new vintage style rings. No one can guarantee that the metal they use is 100 % recycled. Our collection of antique rings is always ethical and conflict free. Here are four beautiful engagement rings that you can feel great about!

Amethyst Engagement Ring

Take a trip back to the Art Deco era, and help save the planet, with this bold and beautiful alternative engagement ring . It features a natural 5.00 carat round, deep purple amethyst. This gemstone is surrounded by seed pearls residing in a 14 Kt two tone Art Deco engagement ring, circa 1930's. Browse our collection of antique amethyst engagement rings in beautiful hues of purple.

Turquoise Engagement Ring

If your captivated by semi precious gemstones, you will love this antique engagement ring. It features 6 natural, ethical square cut turquoise, and 1 center cultured pearl, all residing in a 14 Kt rose gold Victorian engagement ring circa 1900's. Elegant and lovely! Our gemstone engagement rings are true antique rings, not vintage inspired! By not digging up the earth for new dirty gold, children will not be used as underage labor and can stay in school.

Antique Aquamarine Engagement Ring

The use of bold filigree engravings from the Art Deco era star in this beauty, with a showstopping 8.00 carat natural, and ethical, oval aquamarine. This stunning vintage engagement ring was crafted in the 1930's in 14 kt two tone gold. Our collection of vintage engagement rings from the Art Deco era include dinner and cocktail rings in platinum and rose gold. Stay green and wear vintage jewelry!

Art Deco Diamond Rings

Save the planet with this alluring Art Deco diamond ring . It features an old european cut diamond, weighing approximately .20 carat, residing in a geometric square frame. It is flanked by two single cut diamond accents residing in an atypical Art Deco 18 kt white gold setting, circa 1930's. Vintage diamond rings are timeless, elegant and sophisticated!

Final Thoughts:

Vintage engagement rings are always ethical and conflict free. Let's follow Govenor Jerry Brown's lead, and enjoy antique rings. This will help save our earth!